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Important Questions and Answers: Engine Auxiliary System

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1.  What is carburetor?


The carburetor is a device used for atomizing and vaporizing the fuel and mixing it with the air in varying proportions to suit the changing operating conditions of vehicle engines.


2.  What is meant by carburetion?


The process of breaking up and mixing the fuel with the air is called carburetion.


3.  Define the terms vaporization and atomization.


Vaporization is a change of state of fuel from a liquid to a vapor.


Atomization is a mechanical breaking up of the liquid into small particles so that every minute particle of the fuel is surrounded by the air.


4.  What does a mixing chamber do?


The mixing chamber has two butterfly valves. One is to allow air into the mixing chamber and known as choke valve. The other is to allow air- fuel mixture to the engine and known as throttle valve.


5.     Mention the different circuits involved in solex carburetor?

a.     Float circuit

b.     Starting circuit

c.      Idle and low speed circuit

d.     Normal running circuit

e.      Acceleration circuit

6.     Give few models of zenith carburetor.

i)                   Zenith VE type carburetor

ii)                Zenith stromberg carburetor

iii)              Zenith 30 VIG II carburetor

iv)              Zenith NV type carburetor

v)                Zenith DBE type carburetor

vi)              Zenith WIA type carburetor etc.

7.State the carburetor trouble shooting according to poor engine pickup.


8.     State the important units of electric fuel injection system.

1.     Fuel delivery system

2.     Air induction system

3.     Sensors and air flow control system

4.     Electronic control unit

9.     List any two batteries used in automobiles.

i.                   Lead acid battery

ii.                 Alkaline battery

10.                        Define battery life.


The duration of the battery is up to the discard from starting of operation in any places.


11.                        List the factors affecting the battery life.

1.     Electrolyte level

2.     Overcharging

3.     Corrosion

4.     Sluphation

5.     Mounting etc.

12. Define cycling.


Cycling is the process of discharging and charging of the battery.


13.                        Name the two types of alkaline battery.

1.     Nickel-iron type

2.     Nickel-cadmium type

14.                        What is the purpose of Cut-out relay?


It prevents the reverse flow of current from the battery to the generator.


15. What does generator and motor do?


The generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy whereas the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.



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