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Important Questions and Answers: Transmission Systems

Mechanical - Automobile Engineering - Transmission Systems



1.     State the functions of transmission system.


i.                   It enables the running engine to be connected or disconnected from the driving wheel smoothly.


ii.                 It enables the reduction of engine speeds.

iii.              It enables the turn of the drive round through 90o.


iv.              It enables the driving wheel to be driven at different speeds.

2.     What is a clutch?


Clutch is a mechanism used to connect or disconnect the engine from the rest of the transmission elements.


3.     List the various parts of a single plate clutch.

1.     Fly wheel

2.     Clutch plate

3.     Pressure plate

4.     Clutch cover assembly

5.     Release mechanism

6.     Withdrawal force and rearing

7.     Primary shaft


4.     Why multi-plate clutches are used in automobiles?


As compared to single plate clutch, these are smoother and easier to operate due to their assembly of friction surfaces contact.


5.     Give the two types of multi-plate clutches.

a.     Wet type and  b. Dry type

6.     How is dog and spline clutch disengaged?


The sleeve is moved back on the splined shaft to have no contact with the driving shaft.


7.  What do you mean by fluid flywheel?


The member which couples the driving member with driven member through a media of fluid is known as fluid coupling.


8.  What is the function of a gearbox?


Gearbox is a speed and torque changing device.


9.     List out the various resistances to motion.

1.     Air resistances

2.     Gradient resistances

3.     Miscellaneous resistances

10.                        Define tractive effort.


The torque available on the wheel produces a driving force which is parallel to the road is known as tractive effort.


11. Why is double clutching technique used?

Even though there is no measure to allow easy measuring of gears, “double clutching” technique must be acquired for shifting gears properly.


12.                        Write down the methods of operating automatic gearbox.

1.     Hydramatic transmission

2.     Torque converter transmission


13.                        Name the two types of propeller shafts.

1.     Solid or open type

2.     Hollow or enclosed type

14.                        Classify universal joints.

a.     Variable velocity joints

b.     Constant velocity joints

15.                        List down the types of liver rear axles.

1.     Semi-floating

2.     Three-quarter floating

3.     Full-floating



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