Sociology of Health

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Sociology of Health

Sociology of Health

Sociology of Health

Sociology of Health: an introduction
Aim and Scope - Sociology of Health
The social basis of health, illness and medicine
Mental health
Theoretical approaches - Sociology of Health
Contribution of sociology to health
The Future of Medical Sociology
Definition of Health & Illness
Health: A Global Survey
Current inequalities in health
Sociological Perspective on Health
The determinants of health
Policies to improve health
Four Dimensions of Health
Evolution of Social medicine in India
What is Social Medicine? Meaning and scope
Genesis and evolution of social medicine
Development of preventive and social medicine
Challenges - Evolution of Social medicine in India


Hospital as Social Organization
History of hospitals
Ownership and control - Hospital as Social Organization
Financing - Hospital as Social Organization
Departments - Hospital as Social Organization
Types of Hospitals?General Hospitals, Specializing Hospitals
Functions of hospitals
Some critical points regarding functions of hospitals
What is Interpersonal relationship?
Types of communication in the care setting
Importance of Effective interpersonal Communication in Healthcare
Effective Interpersonal Communication Practices in Health Care Settings
Interpersonal theory in nursing practice
Nurse-client relationship
Nurse-client relationship some studies
Understanding culture and transcultural Nursing Care
Importance of Communication Skills for developing interpersonal relationship in Nursing
Effective Interpersonal Communication Practices in Health Care Settings
Barriers to Effective Interpersonal Communication

Community Health

Community Health - the concept
Scope of Community health
Interface between public health and primary healthcare
Community health problems in India
Health in India - Community health problems in India
Major Health issues - Community health problems in India
Schemes and plans for major community health problems in India
Rural Healthcare Infrastructure
Central and state Government Role - Community health problems in India
Concept of Integrated health service
Integrated Child Development Services in India

Health services

All Five year plan at a glance (India)
Alma Ata Declaration and the goal of “Health for all”
Introduction of “health for all”
Relevance of Alma? Ata to the primary health care system
Four Assaults on Primary Health Care
Primary health care: 36 years since Alma?Ata
Alma Ata and the primary health care in India
Challenges for Primary Healthcare System in India with few suggested remedies
Role of government in public health: Current scenario in India
Role of government within the health sector with few suggested majors
Role of government in enabling intersectoral coordination towards public health issues

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