Sociology of Health

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Sociology of Health

Sociology of Health

=> Sociology of Health: an introduction
=> Aim and Scope - Sociology of Health
=> The social basis of health, illness and medicine
=> Mental health
=> Theoretical approaches - Sociology of Health
=> Contribution of sociology to health
=> The Future of Medical Sociology
=> Definition of Health & Illness
=> Health: A Global Survey
=> Current inequalities in health
=> Sociological Perspective on Health
=> The determinants of health
=> Policies to improve health
=> Four Dimensions of Health
=> Evolution of Social medicine in India
=> What is Social Medicine? Meaning and scope
=> Genesis and evolution of social medicine
=> Development of preventive and social medicine
=> Challenges - Evolution of Social medicine in India


=> Hospital as Social Organization
=> History of hospitals
=> Ownership and control - Hospital as Social Organization
=> Financing - Hospital as Social Organization
=> Departments - Hospital as Social Organization
=> Types of Hospitals‐General Hospitals, Specializing Hospitals
=> Functions of hospitals
=> Some critical points regarding functions of hospitals
=> What is Interpersonal relationship?
=> Types of communication in the care setting
=> Importance of Effective interpersonal Communication in Healthcare
=> Effective Interpersonal Communication Practices in Health Care Settings
=> Interpersonal theory in nursing practice
=> Nurse-client relationship
=> Nurse-client relationship some studies
=> Understanding culture and transcultural Nursing Care
=> Importance of Communication Skills for developing interpersonal relationship in Nursing
=> Effective Interpersonal Communication Practices in Health Care Settings
=> Barriers to Effective Interpersonal Communication

Community Health

=> Community Health - the concept
=> Scope of Community health
=> Interface between public health and primary healthcare
=> Community health problems in India
=> Health in India - Community health problems in India
=> Major Health issues - Community health problems in India
=> Schemes and plans for major community health problems in India
=> Rural Healthcare Infrastructure
=> Central and state Government Role - Community health problems in India
=> Concept of Integrated health service
=> Integrated Child Development Services in India

Health services

=> All Five year plan at a glance (India)
=> Alma Ata Declaration and the goal of “Health for all”
=> Introduction of “health for all”
=> Relevance of Alma‐ Ata to the primary health care system
=> Four Assaults on Primary Health Care
=> Primary health care: 36 years since Alma‐Ata
=> Alma Ata and the primary health care in India
=> Challenges for Primary Healthcare System in India with few suggested remedies
=> Role of government in public health: Current scenario in India
=> Role of government within the health sector with few suggested majors
=> Role of government in enabling intersectoral coordination towards public health issues

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