Merchant Banking and Financial Services - BA8017

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Merchant Banking and Financial Services


=> An overview of Indian Financial System
=> Limitations of the financial system in India
=> Functions of merchant Banking
=> Merchant Banking in India
=> Merchant Banking and Legal Regulatory Frame Work
=> SCRA (Security contract regulation Act)
=> Recognized Stock Exchanges
=> Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
=> SEBI: General Obligations
=> Appeal to the Securities Appellate Tribunal
=> SEBI Regulations on merchant bankers
=> Code of Conduct for Merchant Bankers
=> SEBI Guidelines
=> Stock Exchanges
=> Functions of Stock Exchanges
=> Organization of Stock Exchanges
=> Methods of Trading in a Stock Exchange
=> Online Trading
=> OTCEI (Over the Counter Exchange of India)
=> OTCEI: Benefits to Listed Companies
=> Benefits for Investors Offered by OTCEI
=> OTCEI: Benefits to Financial System
=> OTCEI: Securities Traded
=> Short answers - Merchant Banking


=> Merchant Bankers and Capital Issues Management
=> Merchants of Public Issue Management
=> Merchant Bankers Functions
=> Features of a debenture
=> Kinds of Debentures
=> Factors Affecting Capital Structure Decisions
=> Types of Capital Market Instruments
=> Pricing of The Issue
=> Global Debt Instruments
=> Popularity of convertible euro bonds
=> Preparation of Prospectus
=> Prospectus for Public Offer
=> General Obligations And Responsibilities Code of Conduct
=> Underwriters
=> General Obligations and Responsibilities Code of Conduct for Underwriters
=> Bankers to an Issue
=> Code of Conduct for Bankers To Issue
=> Brokers To The Issue
=> Merchant Banking And Marketing of New Issues
=> Offers For Sale Method
=> Private Placement Method and its Advantages and Disadvantages
=> Intial Public Offer (IPO) Method
=> Rights Issue Method
=> Bonus Issues Method
=> SEBI Guidelines
=> Book Building Method
=> Stock Option of Employees Stock Option Scheme (ESOP)
=> Bought out deals
=> FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors)
=> Investment Potential Of NRIs
=> Short answers - Merchant Banking Issue Management Introduction


=> Mergers
=> Distinction between Mergers vs. Takeovers
=> Major Issues of M&A in India
=> Portfolio and Management Services
=> Functions of Portfolio and Management
=> Credit Syndication services
=> Credit rating
=> Types of Credit Rating
=> Mutual Funds
=> Types and Classification of Mutual Funds
=> Business Valuation
=> Short Answers: Fee Based Management


=> Leasing - Fund Based Financial Services
=> Types of Leasing
=> Advantages and Disadvantages of Lease Financing
=> Hire Purchase
=> Difference between Hire Purchase and Leasing
=> Short Answers: Leasing


=> Consumer Credit
=> Characteristics of Consumer Credit
=> Nature of Consumer Classes In India
=> Importance of Consumer Credit In India
=> Credit Cards
=> Origin of Credit Cards In India
=> Types of Credit Cards or Types of Cards
=> Real Estate Financing
=> Factors Determining the Real Estate Finance Assistance
=> Bill Discounting
=> Factoring And Forfaiting
=> Features of Factoring
=> Types of Factoring
=> Forfeiting
=> Venture Capital
=> Short Answers: Fund Based Financial Services

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