Merchant Banking and Financial Services - BA8017

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Merchant Banking and Financial Services

Merchant Banking and Financial Services


An overview of Indian Financial System
Limitations of the financial system in India
Functions of merchant Banking
Merchant Banking in India
Merchant Banking and Legal Regulatory Frame Work
SCRA (Security contract regulation Act)
Recognized Stock Exchanges
Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
SEBI: General Obligations
Appeal to the Securities Appellate Tribunal
SEBI Regulations on merchant bankers
Code of Conduct for Merchant Bankers
SEBI Guidelines
Stock Exchanges
Functions of Stock Exchanges
Organization of Stock Exchanges
Methods of Trading in a Stock Exchange
Online Trading
OTCEI (Over the Counter Exchange of India)
OTCEI: Benefits to Listed Companies
Benefits for Investors Offered by OTCEI
OTCEI: Benefits to Financial System
OTCEI: Securities Traded
Short answers - Merchant Banking


Merchant Bankers and Capital Issues Management
Merchants of Public Issue Management
Merchant Bankers Functions
Features of a debenture
Kinds of Debentures
Factors Affecting Capital Structure Decisions
Types of Capital Market Instruments
Pricing of The Issue
Global Debt Instruments
Popularity of convertible euro bonds
Preparation of Prospectus
Prospectus for Public Offer
General Obligations And Responsibilities Code of Conduct
General Obligations and Responsibilities Code of Conduct for Underwriters
Bankers to an Issue
Code of Conduct for Bankers To Issue
Brokers To The Issue
Merchant Banking And Marketing of New Issues
Offers For Sale Method
Private Placement Method and its Advantages and Disadvantages
Intial Public Offer (IPO) Method
Rights Issue Method
Bonus Issues Method
SEBI Guidelines
Book Building Method
Stock Option of Employees Stock Option Scheme (ESOP)
Bought out deals
FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors)
Investment Potential Of NRIs
Short answers - Merchant Banking Issue Management Introduction


Distinction between Mergers vs. Takeovers
Major Issues of M&A in India
Portfolio and Management Services
Functions of Portfolio and Management
Credit Syndication services
Credit rating
Types of Credit Rating
Mutual Funds
Types and Classification of Mutual Funds
Business Valuation
Short Answers: Fee Based Management


Leasing - Fund Based Financial Services
Types of Leasing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Lease Financing
Hire Purchase
Difference between Hire Purchase and Leasing
Short Answers: Leasing


Consumer Credit
Characteristics of Consumer Credit
Nature of Consumer Classes In India
Importance of Consumer Credit In India
Credit Cards
Origin of Credit Cards In India
Types of Credit Cards or Types of Cards
Real Estate Financing
Factors Determining the Real Estate Finance Assistance
Bill Discounting
Factoring And Forfaiting
Features of Factoring
Types of Factoring
Venture Capital
Short Answers: Fund Based Financial Services

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