Geography - 1

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Human and their Environment

Human and their Environment
The impacts of science technology and industrialization on environment
Earth System Science

Earth System Science

The Earth system
The Planetary System and The Solar System


Lithosphere and Tectonic Plates

Lithosphere and tectonic plates
Lithosphere : Convergent Boundary
The Continents and its features
Classification of Rocks : Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic rocks
Weathering and Products of Weathering

Hydrosphere and Currents

Hydrosphere : Sea and Ocean Differance
Ocean Floor topography
Ocean Wave, The Currents : 4 currents of North Atlantic Ocean Gyre
E1 Nino years and La Nino years

Atmosphere and Solar Radiation

Atmosphere and Solar Radiation
Layers of the Atmosphere
Ozone - Depleting Substances and Urban heat islands


Nutrient Cycles and Ecosystems

Nutrient cycles and ecosystems
The Carbon Cycle
The Nitrogen Cycle
The Phosphorous Cycle
Major Components of an Ecosystem and Ecosystem Types

The Biomes : Natural and Agricultural

Natural Biomes : Forests, Grasslands, Deserts, Tundra
Agricultural Biome : 1.Nutrients 2.Seeds: 3.Water 4.Agri Chemical Products

Ecosystem Management and Conservation

Ecosystem - Concept Maps
Ecosystem management and conservation : Current Extinction Rates

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