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Technical Terms in Laser Metrology

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· Interferometer


Interferometer is optical instruments used for measuring flatness and determining the lengths of slip gauges by direct reference to the wavelength of light.



· Machine Vision


Machine vision can be defined as a means of simulating the image recognition and analysis capabilities of the human system with electronic and electromechanical techniques.



· Inspection


It is the ability of an automated vision system to recognize well-defined pattern and if these pattern match these stored in the system makes machine vision ideal for inspection of raw materials, parts, assemblies etc.





It is a three dimensional measurements for various components. These machines have precise movement is x,y,z coordinates which can be easily controlled and measured. Each slide in three directions is equipped with a precision linear measurement transducer which gives digital display and senses positive and negative direction.


· Axial Length Measuring Accuracy


It is defined as difference between the reference length of gauges aligned with a machine axis and the corresponding measurement results from the machine.




Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.


Laser instrument is a device to produce powerful, monochromatic, collimated beam of light in which the waves are coherent. Laser development is for production of clear coherent light.


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