Textiles and Dress Designing - Pyjama | 12th Textiles and Dress Designing : Practical

Chapter: 12th Textiles and Dress Designing : Practical


To know and gain knowledge on the construction of a pyjama.


learning objectives

 To know and gain knowledge on the construction of a pyjama.

 To understand the suitable fabric and designs for a pyjama.


 Pyjama is adopted by all the age group of men as a lower garment.

 Pyjama serves as both casual and night wear garment.

 This is the traditional costume of Andhra Pradesh.

Tools required

 Measuring Tools - Measuring Tape, Scale.

Drawing Tools -   Brown Paper, Pins, Pencil, Drawing Table.

Marking Tools - Tailor’s Chalk, Pencil.

Cutting Tools -   Scissors, Seam Rippers, Fabric Shears.

Stitching Tools -   Thread, Hand Needle, Sewing Machine.

Ironing Tools -   Iron Box, Ironing Table.

Fasteners and Openers Attachments - Elastic, Tape.

Decorating Items -   Embroidery, Applique Binding by using Contrast Fabric.

Suitable fabric

Cotton, Voils, Kathar.


Age - 5 Years

Length - 56 cm

Waist Band - 8 cm

Bottom Folding - 2 cm

Seam Circumference - 84 cm

Required Fabric

Including height + bottom folding – 1 to 1 1/2 meters.

Drafting Procedure

Draw a rectangle ABCD

AB = CD - Length (56 cm) + Bottom Seam Allowance (2 cm) +  Waist Band (8 cm)

AC = BD - 1/4 Seat Circumference (21 cm)

CE - 2.5 cm

CF - 1/3 Seat Circumference (19 cm)

DG - 5 cm

FG - Inside Leg

BG - Leg Circumference

EF - Crotch Seam

SG - Straight Grain

Cutting lines

AEFGBA - Front and Back Pyjama Patterns.


Fold the fabric in lengthwise grain and cut.

Marking and cutting

Trace out the pattern on the fabric and cut the fabric after leaving enough seam allowances.

Garment components

Front and Back Part - 2 pieces

Stitching procedure

·               Fold the bottom of the pyjama and stitch.

·               Stitch the seam of the pyjama.

·               Fold and stitch the waist band of the pyjama, with suitable allowance for inserting the cord.


·               Trim out the unwanted threads.

·               Insert a cord or elastic through the front opening of the pyjama and finish out the garment.

·               Iron and fold the pyjama neatly.

Pyjama Bodice Pattern

Pyjama images

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