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Major Millet crops of India

The major millet crops of India are:


The major millet crops of India are:

Pearl Millet / Bajra /Kambu: India is the largest producer of Pearl millet. This millet is an excellent source of phosphorus which is essential for the structure of body cells. It has the same quantity of protein as wheat.

Finger Millet / Nachani / Kezhvaragu: It is also known as finger millet, ragi and red millet. It is well known in Southern India. This millet is rich in protein. The major proteins of ragi are prolamins and glutelins and they appear to be adequate in all essential amino acids. Ragi is rich in minerals especially calcium with good source of iron. The malted ragi flour can be used along with germinated green gram flour to formulate a high calorie-dense weaning food having excellent nutritional qualities. Ragi flour can be used with milk beverages.

Foxtail Millet /Kangni / Thinai: Foxtail millets are rich in iron and pest-free. Foxtail acts as anti pest agents which helps to store the delicate pulses like green gram.

Kodo millet/Kodra/Varagu: Kodo millet contains high amount of polyphenols which acts as an antioxidants. It is rich in fiber and low on fat.

Little Millet / Kutki / Saamai: The seeds are smaller in comparison to other millet such as foxtail millet. Little millet has high amount of iron content and fiber like Kodo.

Barnyard Millet / Jhangora / Kuthiravali: Barnyard millets are good source of fiber, phosphorous as well as calcium.

Sorghum /Jowar /Cholam: Sorghum is mostly cultivated due to its high fodder value. Sorghum is rich in nutrients with high amount of protein, unsaturated fats, fiber and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron.

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