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Chapter: English essay writing topics, sample examples for school, college students and Competitions.

English Personal Essay Writing Topics

English Personal Essay Writing Topics
English essay writing topics, sample examples for school, college students and Competitions.

x                    How you and your best friend met

x                    The experience of being let down by a friend

x                    The moment your life changed forever

x                    A failure you experienced

x                    If you had power, what you would do with it

x                    The biggest loss you have experienced

x                    Why you can succeed in life

x                    A disappointment you had

x                    A surprising turn of events you experienced

x                    Your favorite period of time

x                    A place you always try to avoid

x                    What super power you choose to have

x                    If you could change someone's life

x                    How money matters for your life

x                    Where would you go hide

x                    If you could have a do-over

x                    Words that stung

x                    The bravest moment of your life

x                    What makes your parents special

x                    The experience of overcoming a fear

x                    A difficult choice you have made

x                    A place that is special to you

x                    A book that has changed your life

x                    When you have the desire of running away

x                    When you have the urge of hiding in a hole

x                    The proudest moment of your life

x                    When you were taught a lesson by a child

x                    Words that prompted hope

x                    If your dog or cat could talk

x                    Your favorite time with family

x                    If you could invent something

x                    If you could live in a different country

x                    What the world would be like in 100 years

x                    If you lived 100 years ago

x                    The animal you would like to be

x                    The greatest movie moment

x                    One thing you would change about the world

x                    If you could change one thing about yourself

x                    The type of teacher you want to be

x                    If you could live anywhere

x                    A museum you'd like to visit

x                    If you could become a building

x                    Something a robot could never do

x                    An animal that could be in charge of the world

x                    The greatest discovery

x                    Your most fortunate day

x                    Your secret love

x                    Your secret talent

x                    The ugliest thing you have seen

x                    The most beautiful thing you have seen

x                    An accident which changed everything

x                    Something you have witnessed

x                    A right choice

x                    A wrong choice

x                    How you would spend a million dollars

x                    The meaning of color

x                    If you could start a charity

x                    Your favorite gift

x                    A close call

x                    A secret place

x                    A hard lesson

x                    An unexplained event

x                    Something you can't resist

x                    A visitor that you can't forget

x                    The longest moment you ever had

x                    An awkward social moment

x                    A near death experience

x                    The hardest news you had to deliver

x                    A special morning

x                    A kiss that meant a lot

x                    Why you will never tell a lie

x                    When you needed a hug

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