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Chapter: Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Data mining primitives

A data mining query is defined in terms of the following primitives

Data mining primitives.


A data mining query is defined in terms of the following primitives


Task-relevant data: This is the database portion to be investigated. For example, suppose that you are a manager of All Electronics in charge of sales in the United States and Canada. In particular, you would like to study the buying trends of customers in Canada. Rather than mining on the entire database. These are referred to as relevant attributes


The kinds of knowledge to be mined: This specifies the data mining functions to be performed, such as characterization, discrimination, association, classification, clustering, or evolution analysis. For instance, if studying the buying habits of customers in Canada, you may choose to mine associations between customer profiles and the items that these customers like to buy


Background knowledge: Users can specify background knowledge, or knowledge about the domain to be mined. This knowledge is useful for guiding the knowledge discovery process, and for evaluating the patterns found. There are several kinds of background knowledge.


Interestingness measures: These functions are used to separate uninteresting patterns from knowledge. They may be used to guide the mining process, or after discovery, to evaluate the discovered patterns. Different kinds of knowledge may have different interestingness measures.


Presentation and visualization of discovered patterns: This refers to the form in which discovered patterns are to be displayed. Users can choose from different forms for knowledge presentation, such as rules, tables, charts, graphs, decision trees, and cubes.

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