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Chapter: 12th Chemistry : UNIT 13 : Organic Nitrogen Compounds

Choose the correct answer

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Organic Nitrogen Compounds | Chemistry


Choose the correct answer:


1. Which of the following reagent can be used to convert nitrobenzene to aniline

a) Sn / HCl

b) ZnHg / NaOH

c) Zn/NH4Cl

d) All of these

Answer: Option (a)


2. The method by which aniline cannot be prepared is

a) degradation of benzamide with Br2 / NaOH

b) potassium salt of phthalimide treated with chlorobenzene followed by hydrolysis with aqueous NaOH solution.

c) reduction of Nitrobenzene with LiAlH4

d) reduction of nitrobenzene by Sn / HCl .

Answer: Option (b)


3. Which one of the following will not undergo Hofmann bromamide reaction


b) CH 3 CH2CONH2

c) CH3 CONH2

d) C6 H5CONH2


only primary amides undergo hoffmann bromamide reaction

Option (a)


4. Assertion : Acetamide on reaction with KOH and bromine gives acetic acid

Reason : Bromine catalyses hydrolysis of acetamide.

a) if both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.

b) if both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.

c) assertion is true but reason is false

d) both assertion and reason are false.

Answer: Option (d) both are wrong



a) bromomethane

b) α - bromo sodium acetate

c) methanamine

d) acetamide


Option (c)


6. Which one of the following nitro compounds does not react with nitrous acid

a) CH3 -CH2 -CH2 -NO2

b) (CH3 )2CH - CH2 NO2

c) (CH3 )3C NO2


Answer: Option (c) 3º nitroalkane


7. Aniline + benzoylchloride ------NaOHC6 H5 - NH - COC6 H5 this reaction is known as

a) Friedel – crafts reaction

b) HVZ reaction

c) Schotten – Baumann reaction

d) none of these

Answer: Option (c)


8. The product formed by the reaction an aldehyde with a primary amine

a) carboxylic acid

b) aromatic acid

c) schiff’s base

d) ketone

Answer: Option (c) Suhiff’s base


9. Which of the following reaction is not correct.

a) CH3 CH2NH2 -----HNO2→ CH3 CH2OH + N2

d) none of these

[Option: b]

Solution: Option (b) p – nitrosation takes places, the product is 


10. When aniline reacts with acetic anhydride the product formed is

a) o – aminoacetophenone

b) m-aminoacetophenone

c) p – aminoacetophenone

d) acetanilide


Option (d)


11. The order of basic strength for methyl substituted amines in aqueous solution is

a) N(CH3 )3 > N(CH3 )2H > N(CH3 )H2 > NH3

b) N(CH3 )H2 > N(CH3 )2H > N(CH3 )3 >NH3

c) NH3 > N(CH3 )H2 > N(CH3 )2H > N(CH3 )3

d) N(CH3 )2H > N(CH3 )H2 > N(CH3 )3 > NH3

Answer: Option (d)



a) H3 PO2 and H2O

b) H+ / H2O

c) HgSO4 / H2SO4

d) Cu2 Cl2

Answer: Option (a)


13. C6H5NO2  'C' is 

a) C6H5 - OH

b) C6H5 - CH2OH

c) C6H5 - CHO

d) C6H5NH2


C6H5NO2 ---Fe/HClC6H5NH2 ---NaNO2/Hcl→ C6H5 -N2Cl --H2OC6H5 -OH+N2›+HCl

Option (a)


14. Nitrobenzene on reaction with Con HNO3 / H2SO4 at 80-100oC forms which one of the following products?

a) 1,4 – dinitrobenzene

b) 2,4,6 – tirnitrobenzene

c) 1,2 – dinitrobenzene

d) 1,3 – dinitrobenzene


Option (d)


15. C5H13N reacts with HNO2 to give an optically active compound – The compound is

a) pentan – 1- amine

b) pentan – 2- amine

c) N,N – dimethylpropan -2-amine

d) diethyl methyl amine


Option (b)


16. Secondary nitro alkanes react with nitrous acid to form

a) red solution

b) blue solution

c) green solution

d) yellow solution

Answer: Option (b) blue solution


17. Which of the following amines does not undergo acetylation?

a) t – butylamine

b) ethylamine

c) diethylamine

d) triethylamine

Solution:  (d) triethyl amine ( 3 amine)


18. Which one of the following is most basic?

a) 2,4 – dichloroaniline

b) 2,4 – dimethyl aniline

c) 2,4 – dinitroaniline

d) 2,4 – dibromoaniline


Option (b )

CH3 is a+I group, all other – I group. +I group increase the electron density on NH2 and hence increases the basic nature.


19. When  is reduced with Sn / HCl the pair of compounds formed are

a) Ethanol, hydroxylamine hydrochloride

b) Ethanol, ammonium hydroxide

c) Ethanol, . NH2OH .

d) C3 H5NH2 , H2O

Solution: Option (a) Ethanol, ammonium hydroxide


20. IUPAC name for the amine

a) 3 – Bimethylamino – 3 – methyl pentane

b) 3 (N,N – Triethyl) – 3- amino pentane

c) 3 – N,N – trimethyl pentanamine

d) N,N – dimethyl – 3- methyl - pentan - 3 amine

Answer: Option (d)



Product ‘P’ in the above reaction is


[Option: b]


22. Ammonium salt of benzoic acid is heated strongly with P2 O5 and the product so formed is reduced and then treated with NaNO2 / HCl at low temperature. The final compound formed is

a) Benzene diazonium chloride

b) Benzyl alcohol

c) Phenol

d) Nitrosobenzene


Option (b)


23. Identify X in the sequence given below.

Answer: Option (a)


24. Among the following, the reaction that proceeds through an electrophilic substitution, is :

Answer: Option (b)


25. The major product of the following reaction

Answer: Option (b)

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