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Bhuvan (Sanskrit for Earth) is a free internet based computer application launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on August 12th 2009.


Bhuvan (Sanskrit for  Earth)  is  a  free internet based computer application launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on August 12th 2009. It enables visualization of Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) images taken over a year ago, by ISRO’s seven satellites, including CartoSat-1 and CartoSat-2. Using Bhuvan connected to Internet, one can explore places of interest, scenes of events in the news or parts around the world they may never visit in person, by either entering the names of places or co-ordinates (latitudes and longitudes). Bhuvan has tremendous uses for scientists, academicians, policy makers and the general public.


·              Bhuvan, due to 3D rendering, gives the impression of moving through real space through the entire globe

·              Students can use Bhuvan to understand subjects ranging from Sciences to History of places.

·              It provides information on natural resources and timely information on disasters.

·              Administrators use it for monitoring various developmental schemes.


Google Earth

Google Earth is a web based computer application. Google Earth is a virtual globe that renders a 3D representation of the Earth. It combines the power of Google Search with maps, satellite imageries, aerial photographs, GIS data and 3D buildings to visualize the world. Google Earth allows users to see cities and buildings looking perpendicularly down or at a tilted angle. Google Earth allows users to search for addresses of some countries, enter coordinates or simply use the mouse to browse a location. Google Earth also has Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data for many major cities. This means one can view Mount Everest or buildings in three dimensions, instead of 2D.

Do you want to locate your house using Google Earth? Follow the following steps

1)           Start Google Earth by double-clicking on the Google Earth Icon or browse the icon in the ‘Start’ menu. This will start the program.

The entire Earth (as a globe) will be shown by default.

2)           Close Start-Up-Tip and start to explore and familiarize yourself with the Google Earth main menu on the top left on your screen,.

3)           Windows-based: Click on ‘Tools’, select ‘Options‘ and note the five tabs across the top of the ‘Options’ box.

Mac-based: Under the Google Earth’ main menu select ‘Preferences’

In the ‘3D View’ tab in the ‘Terrain’ box near the bottom, set ‘Elevation Exaggeration’ to ‘3’. Click ‘Apply’ to close the box. This will exaggerate the elevation relief by a factor of 3.

Google Earth Options ‘3D View’ tab with ‘Terrain’ Elevation Exaggeration circled in red.

With development of such tools enabling flexible ways of viewing and interacting with geographic information, the ability of users to understand the information presented and the overall understanding of the world around us will surely progress.


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