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11th Standard Higher secondary First Year

Geography -



Human and their Environment

-:- Human and their Environment
-:- The impacts of science technology and industrialization on environment
-:- Earth System Science

Earth System Science

-:- The Earth system
-:- The Planetary System and The Solar System


Lithosphere and Tectonic Plates

-:- Lithosphere and tectonic plates
-:- Lithosphere : Convergent Boundary
-:- The Continents and its features
-:- Classification of Rocks : Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic rocks
-:- Weathering and Products of Weathering

Hydrosphere and Currents

-:- Hydrosphere : Sea and Ocean Differance
-:- Ocean Floor topography
-:- Ocean Wave, The Currents : 4 currents of North Atlantic Ocean Gyre
-:- E1 Nino years and La Nino years

Atmosphere and Solar Radiation

-:- Atmosphere and Solar Radiation
-:- Layers of the Atmosphere
-:- Ozone - Depleting Substances and Urban heat islands


Nutrient Cycles and Ecosystems

-:- Nutrient cycles and ecosystems
-:- The Carbon Cycle
-:- The Nitrogen Cycle
-:- The Phosphorous Cycle
-:- Major Components of an Ecosystem and Ecosystem Types

The Biomes : Natural and Agricultural

-:- Natural Biomes : Forests, Grasslands, Deserts, Tundra
-:- Agricultural Biome : 1.Nutrients 2.Seeds: 3.Water 4.Agri Chemical Products

Ecosystem Management and Conservation

-:- Ecosystem - Concept Maps
-:- Ecosystem management and conservation : Current Extinction Rates