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Chapter: 8th English : Unit 2 : Prose : Hobby Turns into a Successful Career


Hints Developing, Develop the following hints



Hints Developing

* Read the hints twice or thrice carefully.

* Understand the passage well.

* Be careful to connect as naturally as possible the various points given in the text.

* Arrange the matter in two or three paragraphs.

* Give a suitable title.


Example :


Farmer in a village - had a hen - golden egg - farmer became rich- selling golden eggs- he is greedy - an egg everyday - not enough - thought to get all eggs - kill to get all eggs - killed the hen - found no eggs - farmer is very sad.


The Greedy Farmer

There lived a farmer in a village. He had a hen. The hen used to lay a golden egg every day. The farmer used to sell the golden egg in the market and got huge amount of money. Soon, he became rich. The farmer was very greedy. He thought, "At present I get an egg every day. This is not enough. Why should not I get all the eggs at a time? I must kill the hen to get all the golden eggs at a time." And the greedy farmer killed the hen. He did not find any egg. He was very sad now.


Develop the following hints:

1. Tortoise - hare - forest - tortoise walking- seen by a hare- hare laughs - tortoise speed - tortoise sad - bet – race tortoise moving- slow speed -hare moves - fast - sleeps- tortoise - reaches winning point - first - wins the bet.


The Tortoise and the hare

A tortoise and a hare lived in a forest. Once, the hare saw the tortoise walking slowly with a heavy shell on his back. The hare laughed at the speed of the tortoise. The tortoise felt sad. The hare was very proud of himself and challenged the tortoise for a race. The tortoise agreed. They started the running race. The hare ran very fast. But the tortoise walked very slowly. The proud hare rested under a tree and soon slept off. But the tortoise walked slowly and steadily and reached the winning point. At last, the tortoise won the bet.

2. Akbar - Birbal - courtiers jealous of Birbal - ask Akbar - test Birbal wiseness - Courtier puts a question - How many crows in Agra - Birbal asks for a week - everyday sitting on the terrace looking at the crows- after a week - courtier asks - Birbal says 156757 crows - asks the courtier to check- Akbar laughs.


Akbar and Birbal

Akbar was a great Mughal emperor. Birbal was his Minister. He was a wise man and Akbar always praised his wit and intelligence. His courtiers were jealous of Birbal. One day, Akbar asked his courtiers to test Birbal’s wiseness. A courtier puts a question to him. He asked him ‘how many crows were there in Agra. Birbal asked time for a week. Birbal used to sit on the terrace every day, looking at the crows. After a week, the courtier asked him to tell the answer. He answered that there were 156757 crows in Agra. He asked the courtier to check, if he is right. Hearing this, the King laughed heartily, admiring his wit.

3. A wood cutter - cutting wood - dropped his axe in the pond - started weeping - angel appeared - asked what the matter was brought a golden axe - from the pond - wood cutter did not accept - brought a silver axe - not accepted - brought an iron axe - accepted - pleased with the honesty - offered all the axes to him.


The woodcutter and the axe

Long ago, there lived a woodcutter in a small village. One day, while cutting wood, he dropped his axe in the pond. He tried hard to get it back, but he was unable to do so. He started weeping. An angel appeared before him and asked him what was the matter. She brought a golden axe from the pond and gave it to him. The woodcutter did not accept it. Next, she brought a silver axe and gave it to him. The woodcutter did not even accept this. At last, she brought him an iron axe and gave it to him. The woodcutter accepted that it was his axe. The Angel was pleased with his honesty and offered all the three axes to him.

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