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Special Community Health Nursing Services

The aim of occupational health nurse is to keep the people at work healthy and to prevent them from illness and injury due to the working environment.

Special Community Health Nursing Services

1.  Industrial Nursing

The aim of occupational health nurse is to keep the people at work healthy and to prevent them from illness and injury due to the working environment.

The following are the basic functions of Occupational or Industrial Nurse

·  Identify the occupational Hazards

·  Educate them about the control of the occupational hazards.

·  Initial treatment for the emergencies such as injuries and illnesses.

·  Early diagnosis of the occupational or other illnesses and to screen the people at risk.

·  Assist the management in placement of the people in suitable work.

·  Provide advice and supervision of conditions at work which may affect the health such as environmental sanitation.

·  Health Education

Role of Nurses in Occupational Health Services

·  Assist the doctor for the examination of the employees.

·  Protect and improve the physical and mental health of the workers.

·  Provision of first aid and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries.

·  Assess, identify and notify the management regarding the hazards affecting the workers.

·  Conduct health education

·  Home visit to the employees to educate regarding the health and family welfare.

·  Nutrition

·  Communicable Disease prevention

·  Environmental sanitation

·  Protective Measures for the employees

·  Medical Check - up and Immunization

2.  Tuberculosis Nursing

In the control of communicable diseases nurses play a vital role in the community level. The following are the nurses role in control of Tuberculosis which an airborne infectious disease affecting the people living in poor living standards and with low immunity. Pulmonary tuberculosis is responsible for the majority 85% of TB infections.

·  Case finding

·  Health Supervision (DOTS)

·  Domiciliary care - Isolation

·  Prevention of the spread of infection

·  Drug compliance

·  Nutrition

·  Health Education

3.  Leprosy Nursing

Leprosy is one of the major health and socio-economic problems in the country. Nurses responsibility in the care of Leprosy patients is divided into the following categories

1.  Nurse - patient relationship - An effective Nurse Patient Relationship enhances the appropriate management of Leprosy cases.

2.  Recorder and observer of facts - Accurate observation and correct recording of facts are vital role of a nurse and she has to provide accurate account of health.

3.  Health Education regarding

·  Leprosy is curable and the deformities are preventable and must be educated about the drug compliance.

·  Family Education - about the preventive measures, Isolation of under 15 years children, especially infants from active patients who are infective.

·  Need for assistance and support during the course of illness and recovery stage.

·  Family Education - Educate the family regarding the misconceptions regarding Leprosy.

Qualities of a community Health Nurse

·  The nurse must have interest on the people.

·  Understand the human behavior.

·  Sincere.

·  Empathy.

·  Honest.

·  Charitable.

·  Resourceful.

·  She must have observation, communication, interview skills and technical skills.

·  She must have ability to make interpretations, make judgment, and take decisions.

Self discipline on emotions and other aspects of behaviour and action.

Functions of Public Health Nurse

1. General Duties

·  Provision of nursing services to the community.

·  Maternal health (Antenatal, Intra natal and postnatal care)

·  Infant and pre-school health

·  Prevention of Communicable diseases.

2.Administrative Duties - is responsible for the implementation of policies and programme relating to nursing and midwifery services.

3. Supervisory- To promote harmony and efficiency within the health teams to improve the quality of life.

4. Educational - Participating and organizing In-service training programme.

5. Caregiver - They provide prenatal care and education for expectant mothers, including information about maternal nutrition, referrals for childbirth classes, and postpartum assistance.

6.  Community Educator - As educators, community health nurses focus on presenting materials in a clear and understandable format. They provide information to individuals, families, and communities that create a framework for healthy living and healthy choices.

7. Leader - Community health nurses use evidence to implement policy changes and quality-based practices..

8. Researcher- As researchers, community health nurses collect and use evidence to execute positive changes for better health.

9. Advocate - Advocate on the local, state, and federal level to provide better access to healthcare, protect funding for public health programs, and reduce or eliminate health disparities.

10. Disease prevention specialist - Community health nurses focus on long-and short- term care for disease prevention. Their work includes averting or controlling the spread of the flu and other communicable diseases.

11. Director and Co-ordinator - Community health nurse has to plan and organize and make sure that the work is done as planned and organized.

12. Collaborator - Community health problems cannot be solved by single health worker. It involves many people who work together in a team.

Healthcare experts say public health has made great strides in the past decades, allowing people to live longer and healthier lives.


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