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Scientific Names of Animals

Scientific Name of Peacock Pavo cristatus Scientific Name of Crow Corvus splendens Scientific Name of Sparrow Passer domesticus Scientific Name of Rat Rattus rattus

Scientific Names


Scientific Name of Peacock                                Pavo cristatus

Scientific Name of Crow                                     Corvus splendens

Scientific Name of Sparrow                               Passer domesticus

Scientific Name of Rat                                         Rattus rattus

Scientific Name of Dog                                         Canis familiaris

Scientific Name of Cat                                          Felis domesticus

Scientific Name of Tiger                                      Panthera tigris

Scientific Name of Lion                                        Panthera leo

Scientific Name of Elephant                              Elephas maximus

Scientific Name of Man                                       Homo sapiens

Scientific Name of Monkey                                Macaca radiata

Scientific Name of Mongoose                           Herpestes edwardsi

Scientific Name of Bear                                       Ursus arctos

Scientific Name of Fruit bat                              Cynopterus     sphinx

Scientific Name of Donkey                                 Equus hemionus

Scientific Name of Rhinoceros                         Rhinoceros unicornis

Scientific Name of Spotted deer                      Axis axis

Scientific Name of Angel fish                            Pterophyllum scalare

Scientific Name of Guppy                                   Poecilia reticulata

Scientific Name of Apple snail                         Pila globosa

Scientific Name of House fly                             Musca nebula

Scientific Name of Bed bug                                Cimex hemipterus

Scientific Name of Cobra                                   Naja  naja

Scientific Name of Parrot                                   Psittacula krameri

Scientific Name of Garden lizard                   Calotes versicolor


While grouping or arranging the organisms, a biologist faces three scientific ideas, namely taxonomy, systematics and classification. These disciplines though appear similar have slight deviations in their meaning.


Taxon.: Based on specific charateristics, animals are grouped in various categories. These categories are otherwise called taxa (singular: taxon). 'A taxon is a taxonomic group of any rank that is sufficiently distinct to be worthy of being assigned to a definite category'. The several taxa in animal taxonomy are the Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. This arrangement from Phylum to Species is designated as the hierarchic system of classification. In this system each taxon is based on specific characters of a group of organisms. Eventhough such an arrangement appears to be man made, each taxon is a natural assemblage. However, human error in identification and grouping may happen. The taxon, 'Phylum' is the largest group. There are several such Phyla constituting the animal kingdom. Members of a Phylum are recognised by certain distinctive features as shown below.

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