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PageMaker-Creating Notice Board

To create a Student Notice Board.

PageMaker-Creating Notice Board


To create a Student Notice Board.

Create a Student Notice Board using PageMaker.


1. Start the PageMaker using the following commands.

Start -> All Programs -> Adobe -> PageMaker 7.0 -> Adobe PageMaker 7.0. The Adobe PageMaker window will be opened.

2. Choose File > New in the menu bar (or) Press Ctrl + N in the keyboard. This opens the Document Setup dialog box.

3. Click on OK button.

Now a new document called Untitled – 1 will appear on the screen.

4. Create a box with dimension 100 mm x 100 mm using the Rectangle tool. Fill it with cyan colour and change the percentage value of tint to 25%. The resulting box is as shown in Figure.

5. Similarly create another box with dimension 100 mm x 15 mm. Fill it with black colour and place it on the top portion of the cyan filled box as shown in figure.

6. With the text tool click and drag the mouse from the left corner to the right corner of the black filled box and type the following words “Student Notice Board”.

The colour of the text and the colour of the box will be same black colour. As soon as you finish typing press Ctrl + A in the keyboard which will select the entire text.

Using Character Control palette change the font size to 20 points and click on the Bold button. Then click on the Reverse button which will change the colour of the text to white and press Shift + Ctrl + C for centre alignment. The result is as shown in Figure.



The expected output is achieved.

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