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Microbiology - Medical Parasitology | 12th Microbiology : Chapter 8 : Medical Parasitology

Chapter: 12th Microbiology : Chapter 8 : Medical Parasitology

Medical Parasitology

Know the various types of parasites and hosts.

Medical Parasitology


Learning Objectives

After studying this chapter the students will be able to,

• Know the various types of parasites and hosts.

• Discuss the classification of medically important parasites

•.Discuss the pathogenesis and clinical aspects of parasitic infections.

•  Describe the general epidemiological aspects and transmission patterns of diseases caused by protozoa and helminthes

• Identify the methods and procedures of oratory diagnosis of pathogenic protozoans and helminths in clinical specimens.

• Know the treatment options for parasitic infections.

• Implement the preventive and control measures of protozoans and helminthic infections.


Chapter Outline

1. Parasite and Host

2. Entamoeba histolytica

3. Giardia lamblia

4. Leishmania donovani

5. Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax

6. Ascaris lumbricoides

Medical Parasitology is the branch of Medical Science that deals with the study of parasites living in or on the body of human, their geographical distribution, the diseases caused by them, clinical features and the response generated by human against them. It is also concerned with various methods of their diagnosis, treatment, prevention and their control. Parasitology is a dynamic field, as these parasites constantly change their morphology, hosts, and host relationships. For this reason, Parasitology is an active field of study, which has raised expectations for the development of new drugs, vaccines and other control measures through biotechnology. However, these expectations are reduced by the inherent complexity of parasite and their relationship with host, the firm establishment of parasite and vectors in their environments and the vast socio economic problems in the geographical areas where parasites are most prevalent.

Before learning in detail about a few medically important parasites of human, let us know what is a parasite?

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