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Chapter: 12th Geography : Chapter 1 : Population Geography

Measures to control Overpopulation

Measures to control Overpopulation

Measures to control Overpopulation

Here are some unique solutions to overpopulation:

1. Creating Awareness Campaigns

Using both social and mainstream media, we can clearly tell people around the world the truth about overpopulation crises and what must be done to solve them the right way.

2. Promotion of Adopting child

Adoption become a consideration for family planning, particularly among socially conscientious communities. And today, it has become a de-facto solution for people who are interested in starting a family, yet having concerns about overpopulation.

3. Aiming for Single-Child Families

According to statistics, hundreds of thousands of people are being added to the planet every day, which is an unsustainable rate. Hence, it is need of hour we should aim for single-child families

4. National Security issue

Over populated countries should treat population boom as an issue of national security. As you can see, similar to food insecurity and climate change, uncontrolled and rapid population growth can be a national security threat in a way that it results to instability.

5. Changing Social Norms.

Some couple choose not to have children and we have to respect their decision. This way we will be able to help curb the problem of overpopulation.

6. Providing Tax Benefits or Concessions

Governments of various countries can come up with various regulations and policies related to tax exemption to help solve overpopulation. For example, they can waive certain parts of income tax or lower income tax rates for couples who have one or two children. 

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