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Chapter: 12th Nursing : Chapter 12 : Nursing Education and Management

Expanded Role of Nurses

An expanded role of nursing is one in which a nurse assumes expanded or increased responsibilities in a practice area and in most cases practice with greater autonomy.

Expanded Role of Nurses

An expanded role of nursing is one in which a nurse assumes expanded or increased responsibilities in a practice area and in most cases practice with greater autonomy.

·  Advanced Nurse practitioner

·  Clinical Nurse specialist.

·  Nursing administrator:

·  Nurse anesthetist:

·  Nurse researcher:

·  Nurse educator

·  Nurse entrepreneur.

·  Acute care Nurse practitioner

·  Operating home Nurse.

·  Professional Nurse care manager.

·  Rehabilitation Nurse.

·  Nurse analyst

·  Travel Nursing.

·  Nurse Oncologist.

·  Sports Nursing

·  Nurse authors

·  Nurse liaison

·  Space Nursing

·  Hospice Nurse

·  School health Nurse

·  Tele Nursing

·  Cruise ship/ resort Nurse.

·  Attorney

·  Disaster/ Bio terrorism Nurse

·  Epidemiology Nurse

·  Ethicist

· Advanced Nurse Practitioner: A Nurse who has an advanced education and is a graduate of a nurse practitioner program is employed in health care agencies or in the community settings and deals chronic illness and provide primary ambulatory care

·  Clinical Nurse Specialist: The clinical nurse specialist has a master’s degree in nursing and expertise in a specialized area of practice. CNS may work in primary care, acute care, rehabilitative care and community based settings.

·  Nursing Administrator: Manage client care and the delivery of specific nursing services within a health care agency.

·  Nurse anesthetist: Provide care pre-operative, intra operative and post-operative period. Assist to anesthetist during surgery.

·  Advanced Nurse Educator: The nurse is more advanced and frequently an expert in a particular area of practice.

·  Nurse Researcher: Participate in scientific investigation. Complete the research process.

·  Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: An acute care nurse practitioner functions in the settings where critically ill patients reside, this type of nurses provide special expertise.

·  Nurse Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is an individual who organize operates and assumes the risk of independent nursing practices, consultant services etc., the nurse may be involved in education consultation research etc.

·  Operating Room Nurse: The nurse monitor the progress of patients before and after surgery from the time of entry in the operating room until he/she is dismissed to the attending staff nurse.

· Professional Nurse Care Manager: The nurse case manager assesses the patients and develops care according to expected outcomes in terms of cost and quality.

·  Nurse Analyst: The nurse analyst is involved in data analysis and interpretation with regards to effectiveness and efficiency of data collection, entry and use within the various areas of the hospital and health care facility.

·  Travel Nursing:

·  Nurse Oncologist: A specialized nurse who cares for cancer patients.

·  Sports Nursing: Sports medicine is a sub-specialty of orthopedic medicine, largely involving injuries or traumas suffered as a result of training or competing in an athletic event.

·  Nurse Authors: Nurse works in any area of writing, this written material may be used in research education, training and marketing

·  Space Nursing: Space nurses provides health services to astronauts.

·  Nurse Liaison: The nurse Liaison’s role is multifaceted. They are the vital link between the potential patient and the rehabilitation facility.

·  Hospice Nurse: The focus of hospice care is a comprehensive physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual care to terminal ill persons and their families. Hospice care promotes quality of life.

·  School Health Nurse: Nurse support the educational process by helping students keep healthy and by teaching preventive practices for students and teacher’s.

·  Tele Nursing: Providing nursing services by the use of telecommunication and information technology whenever a large physical distance between patient and nurse.

· Cruise Ship/ Resort Nurse: These nurse work on ship or resorts to provide emergency and general care to passengers if required.

·  Attorney: Nurse attorneys engage in a range of legal activities by legal consultation.

· Disaster/Bio Terrorism Nurse: These nurses works in disaster areas that are result of bio terrorist attack or in situation caused by natural or man-made disaster.

·  Epidemiology Nurse: The nurse epidemiologist        investigates trends  in disease occurrence in particular area. They identify the population at risk monitor the progress of disease, special areas of health care need, determine priorities Ethicist: The nurse who knows about legal/ethical issues and provides services for patients and families is called nurse ethicist.


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