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Chapter: 12th Nursing : Chapter 12 : Nursing Education and Management

Extended Roles of The Nurse

Nurses in extended care facilities assist clients with their daily activities.

Extended Roles of The Nurse

Nurses in extended care facilities assist clients with their daily activities. Provide care when necessary and coordinate rehabilitation activities.

These nurses have increased responsibilities and autonomy and they are supposed to provide care in variety of settings such as hospital, community etc.,

·  Care giver

·  Manager

·  Advocate

·  Counselor

·  Educator

·  Consultant

·  Researcher

·  Collaborator

·  School health nurse

·  Occupational health nurse

·  Private duty nurse.

·  Parish nurse

·  Public health nurse

·  Home care nurse

·  Hospice nurse

·  Rehabilitation nurse

·  Office nurse

·  Nurse epidemiologist

·  Military nurse

·  Aerospace nurse

·  Tele nurse

·  Disaster nursing

·  Prison nurse.

·  Forensic nurse.

·  Peace corps nurse.

·  Communicator

·  Care Giver: Care giving role is a primary role of nurses. The provision of care to clients combines both arts and science of nursing which helps clients regain health through healing process. The caregiver helps the client and families set goals and meet those goals with a minimal cost of time and energy.

Manager: As a manager, the nurse coordinates the activities of other members of the health care team. (Nutritionists and Physical therapists).

·  Protector and Advocate: The nurse helps to maintain a safe environment for the client. The nurse takes steps to prevent injury and protect client from possible adverse effects of diagnostic or treatment measures. As a advocate, nurse protects the clients' human and legal rights and provides assistance in asserting those rights if the need arises.

·  Counselor: Help patient and family to cope with stressful problems. Provide emotional and psychological support. Motivate patient to adopt an alternative behavior.

·  Consultant: Nurse consultants are nurses who usually identify problems and develop solutions.

·  Educator: Manage patient care. Educate patient, family and community.

·  Collaborator: The nurse collaborates with other team members when providing care to a client. Quality care is given when nurse and team members work together in planning for the patients care management.

·  School Health Nurse: The role of the nurse is to support the educational process by helping students to keep healthy and by teaching students and teacher’s regarding preventive practices.

·  Occupational Health Services: Occupational health nursing is providing health services to workers in industry and special community groups.

·  Parish Nurse: Parish nurse respond to health and wellness needs within the context of populations of faith communities. (people gathering in churches, temples or mosques)

·  Public Health Nurse: She is a registered nurse with special training in community health. Help the client and the family with health concerns and parenting and lifestyle issues.

·  Private Duty Nurse: Providing nursing care at home or any other setting and following physician orders.

·  Home Care Nurse: She is a nurse who provides care to patients with in their environment as ordered by the physician. She acts as a referral agent for clients who are discharged from acute care settings such as hospitals or mental health facilities.

·  Hospice Nurse: She is the one who provides a family centered care and allows clients to live and remain at home with comfort, independence and dignity, while alleviating the strains caused by terminal phase.

·  Rehabilitation Nurse: Rehabilitation nurse is a nurse who specialized in assisting persons with disabilities and chronic illness to attain optimal function.

·  Office Nurse: Nurse who cares for outpatients in doctor’s offices, general and specialty clinics and emergency medical centers.

·  Nurse Epidemiologist: Perform epidemiologic investigations. Controls and prevents infectious diseases. Participating in surveillance.

·  Military Nurse: Care of military personnel.

·  Aerospace Nurse: Provide care to passengers during travel in flight.

·  Tele Nurse: Communicate with patients on telephone.

·  Disaster Nursing: Provide services during and after disaster.

·  Prison Nurse: Provide nursing care those who are in prison. Works for improvement in mental health .

·  Forensic Nurse: Handle and preserve the evidentiary materials.

·  Peace corps Nurse: Works in remote areas of the world.

·  Communicator:         Communication    is integral to all nursing roles. Nurses communicate with the client, support person, other health professionals and people in the community.


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