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Chapter: Database Management Systems : Introduction to DBMS

Database System Terminologies

Database management system (DBMS)





o  Collection of related data (logically coherent)


o Known facts that can be recorded and that have implicit meaning o Represents some aspect(s) of the real world (miniworld)


o Built for a specific purpose Examples of large databases


 •Amazon.com, Canadian Census, The Bay‟s product inventory, data collection underlying Quest





Database management system  (DBMS)

Collection of programs


Enables users to create and maintain a database


Allows multiple users and programs to access and manipulate the database concurrently Provides protection against unauthorized access and manipulation


Provides means to evolve database and program behaviour as requirements change over




Examples of database management systems


IBM‟s DB2, Microsoft‟s Access and SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SAP‟s SQL




Defining a database


Specifying the data types, structures, and constraints of the data to be stored

Uses a Data Definition Language




Database definition or descriptive information

Stored by the DBMS in the form of a database catalog or data dictionary

Phases for designing a database:


Requirements specification and analysis


Conceptual design


e.g., using the Entity-Relationship model


Logical design


e.g., using the relational model


Physical design


Populating a database


Inserting data to reflect the miniworld




Interaction causing some data to be retrieved

uses a Query Language


Manipulating a database


Querying and updating the database to understand/reflect miniworld

Generating reports


Uses a Data Manipulation Language


Application program


Accesses database by sending queries and updates to DBMS



An atomic unit of queries and updates that must be executed as a whole e.g., buying a product, transferring funds, switching co-op streams



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