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Chapter: 11th Zoology : Chapter 8 : Excretion

Choose the Correct Answers

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Choose the Correct Answers


1. Arrange the following structures in the order that a drop of water entering the nephron would encounter them.

a. Afferent arteriole

b. Bowman’s capsule

c. Collecting duct

d. Distal tubule

e. Glomerulus

f. Loop of Henle

g. Proximal tubule

h. Renal pelvis


a. Afferent arteriole

e. Glomerulus

b. Bowman’s capsule

g. Proximal tubule

f. Loop of Henle

d. Distal tubule

c. Collecting duct

h. Renal pelvis


11. Concentration of urine depends upon which part of the nephron

a. Bowman’s capsule

b. length of Henle’s loop

c. P.C.T.

d. net work of capillaries arising from glomerulus


12. If Henle’s loop were absent from mammalian nephron, which one of the following is to be expected?

a. There will be no urine formation

b. There will be hardly any change in the quality and quantity of urine formed

c. The urine will be more concentrated

d. The urine will be more dilute


Q. A person who is on a long hunger strike and is surviving only on water, will have

a. Less amino acids in his urine

b. Macula densa cells

c. Less urea in his urine

d. More sodium in his urine


13. What will happen if the stretch receptors of the urinary bladder wall are totally removed?

a. Micturition will continue

b. Urine will be continue to collect normally in the bladder

c. there will be micturition

d. urine will not collection the bladder


14.  The end product of Ornithine cycle is

a. carbon dioxide

b. uric acid

c. urea

d. ammonia


15. Identify the wrong match

a. Bowman’s capsule - Glomerular filteration

b. DCT - Absorption of glucose

c. Henle’s loop - Concentration of urine

d. PCT - Absorption of Na1 and K1 ions


16. Podocytes are the cells present on the

a. Outer wall of Bowman’s capsule

b. Inner wall of Bowman’s capsule

c. neck of nephron

d. Wall glomerular capillaries


17. Glomerular filtrate contains

a. Blood without blood cells and proteins

b. Plasma without sugar

c. Blood with proteins but without cells

d. Blood without urea


18. Kidney stones are produced due to deposition of uric acid and

a. silicates

b. minerals

c. calcium carbonate

d. calcium oxalate


19. Animal requiring minimum amount of water to produce urine are

a. ureotelic

b. ammonotelic

c. uricotelic

d. chemotelic


20. Aldosterone acts at the distal convoluted tubule and collecting duct resulting in the absorption of water through

a. Aquaphorins

b. spectrins


d. Chloride channels


21. The hormone which helps in the reabsorption of water in kidney tubules is

a. cholecystokinin

b. angiotensin II

c. antidiuretic hormone

d. pancreozymin


22. Malpighian tubules remove excretory products from

a. mouth

b. oesophagus

c. haemolymph

d. alimentary canal.


23. Indentfiy the biological term Homeostasis, excretion, glomerulus,urea, glomerular filtration, ureters, urine, Bowman’s capsule, urinary system, reabsorption, micturition, osmosis, glomerular capillaries via efferent arteriole, proteins.

a) A liquid which gathers in the bladder - Urine

b) Produced when blood is filtered in a Bowman's capsule - Glomerular filtrate

c) Temporary storage of urine - Urinary bladder

d) A ball of inter twined capillaries - Glomerulus

e) Removal of unwanted subtances from the body - Excretion

f) Each contains a glomerulus - Bowman's Capsule

g) Carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder - Ureter

h) Scientific term for urination - Micturition

i) Regulation of water and dissolved substances in blood and tissue fluid - Osmo regulation

j) Consists of the kidneys ureters and bladder - Excretory system

k) Removal of useful substances from glomerular filtrate - reabsorption

l) What solute the blood contains that are not present in the glomerular filtrate? - Plasma Protein

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