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Freedom Struggle in Tamil Nadu | History | Social Science - Answer in detail | 10th Social Science : History : Chapter 9 : Freedom Struggle in Tamil Nadu

Chapter: 10th Social Science : History : Chapter 9 : Freedom Struggle in Tamil Nadu

Answer in detail

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VI. Answer in detail


1. Discuss the response to Swadeshi Movement in Tamil Nadu.

• The partition of Bengal led to the Swadeshi Movement.

• The Swadeshi movement had its deep impact in Tamil Nadu.

• The Congress carried on a vigorous campaign for boycott of foreign goods.

• V.O.Chidambaranar, V.Chakkaraiyar, Subramania Bharathi and Ethiraj Surendranath Arya were some of the prominent leaders in Tamil Nadu.

• Public meetings were organized in various parts of Tamilnadu. Thousands of people attended them.

• Subramania Bharathi's patriotic songs stirred patriotic emotions.

Many journals were started to propagate-Swadeshi ideals.

• Swadeshamitran and India were prominent journals.

• Bipin Chandra Pal toured Madras and delivered lectures which inspired the youth

• Students and youths participated widely in the Swadeshi movement.

V.O.Chidambaranar started Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company in Thoothukudi. He purchased twoships Gallia and Lavo and plied them between Thoothukudi and Colombo.

Tirunelveli uprising:

• The arrest of V.O.C and Subramania Siva led to Tirunelvely uprising.

• In Tirunelveli a police station, court building and municipal office were burnt.

• Four people were killed in police firing.

• V.O.C. was treated harshly in prison. He was made to pull the heavy oil press.

• To avoid imprisonment Subramania Bharati moved to Pondicherry which was under French rule.'

• Many other leaders like Aurobindo Ghose and V.V. Subramanianar followed Bharati and left Tamil Nadu.

2. Examine the origin and growth of Non-Brahmin Movement in Tamil Nadu.

Madras Dravidian Association:

• The non - Brahmin's organised themselves into political organisations to protect their interest.

• In 1912 Madras Dravidian Association was founded .

• Its secretary C. Natesanar established the Dravidian Association Hostel for Non-Brahmin students.

The South Indian Liberal Federation:

• On 20 November 1916 a meeting of about thirty non-Brahmins was held in Chennai under the leadership of P.Thyagarajar, T.M.Nair and C. Nateranar at Victoria Public Hall, Chennai.

• The South Indian Liberal Federation was founded to promote the interest of the non-Brahmins.

• The Justice party won 63 out of 98 elected seats in the legislative council.

• A. Subburayalu of the Justice party became the first Chief Minister.

3. Describe the role of Tamil Nadu in the Civil Disobedience Movement.

• The Viceroy did not accept the demands put forward by Gandhi.

• So Gandhi launched the Civil Disobedience Movement.

Salt March to Vedaranyam:

• Rajaji organised and led a salt Satyagraha march to Vedaranyam.

• The march started from Tiruchirappalli on 13 April 1930 and reached Vedaranyam on 28th April.

• A special song was composed for the march by Namakkal V. Ramalinganar.

• There was a warm welcome to the Satyagrahis by the people all along the route.

• On reaching Vedaranyam 12 volunteers under the leadership of Rajaji broke the salt law by picking up salt.

• Rajaji was arrested for breaking the salt laws.

• Leaders like T.S.S.Rajan, Rukmani Lakshmipathi, Sardar Vedarathnam and K.Santhanam participated in the Vedaranyam Salt Satyagraha.

Agitations in Tamil districts:

• Under the leadership of T.Prakasam, the Satyagrahis set up a camp at Udayavanam. The police arrested them. It led to hartal in Madras. There were clashes with the police in Tiruvallikeni.

• People tried to break salt law at Rameswaram, Anjengo, Veppalodai, Thoothukudi and Tharuvaikulam were stopped by the police.

Rukmani Lakshmipathi was the first woman to pay fine for taking part in the Satyagraha.

• Leaders like Bhashyam, Satyamurti and Kamaraj also played an important role.

• But the police used brutal force to suppress the movement.

Role of Tirupur Kumaran:

• In Tirupur a procession which was going on carrying national flag was brutally beaten by the police. Tirupur Kumaran fell dead holding the national flag aloft.

• He is hailed as Kodikatha Kumaran.


VII. Activity


1. Students can be asked to write a sentence or two about the important places of freedom struggle in Tamil Nadu.

2. Role Play: Students can be divided into groups and asked to debate the views of the Moderates, Extremists, Revolutionaries, Annie Besant’s supporters, Justice Party, and British Government.

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