Software Design

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Software Design

Software Design

Notes Part 1

The nature of Software Design process
Software Design - Objectives
Software Design Concepts
Building Models
Software Design qualities
Assessing the Software design
Design View for software
Software Design: The Object model
Software Design: Classes and Objects
Software Design: Classification
Software Design: Class Notation

Notes Part 2

Top-down and Bottom-up Strategies
Software Design: Transform Analysis
Software Design: Transaction Analysis
Software Design: Coupling
Software Design: Cohesion
Software Design: Normalization

Notes Part 3

Object-oriented systems
Unified Modelling Language (UML)
Use Case - In Unified Process
Overview of Diagrams: Collaboration-Sequence, Class
Domain Model
Software Design: Maintenance and Metrics
Association, Aggregation and Composition Relationships
What can be modeled using sequence diagrams?
Benefits of using UML sequence diagrams

Notes Part 4

The Architecture Concepts
Design Methods
Design Processes and Design Strategies
Describing object-oriented design patterns
Stepwise Refinement
Incremental Design
Software Design: Prototyping
Structured System Analysis and Structured Design
DSDM(Dynamic Systems Development Method)

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