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Letter writing is an art that is almost forgotten. Except when formal situations demand one, we rely more on the electronic media – telephone and chatting.


Letter Writing

Letter writing is an art that is almost forgotten. Except when formal situations demand one, we rely more on the electronic media – telephone and chatting.

For academic purposes all letters fall under two broad classifications i.e. Formal Letters and Informal Letters.

Formal Letters


 Letter of inquiry

 Letter of placing order

 Letter of cancelling order

  Complaint or reminder letter on delayed delivery

 Letter of complaint – product

 Letter of complaint – civic amenities

  Letter of request – some facility / public health department for some service

 Job Application

Informal–personal letters, (to family members, friends, birthday greetings etc.) social letters (inviting, congratulating, letter of condolence etc.)

When you realize that you are a part of the society in which you live, as a civic-conscious citizen, you have to look beyond these two classifications. You may have to arouse the conscience of the people on certain issues which might affect the social, moral, political fabric of the society. Such letters can be classified as neutral letters. Example : Letters to the Editor.

Useful Tips

Before writing a letter:

·           Think before you write – consider the main purpose of the letter

·           Plan your letter – make a list of facts to be presented

Writing the letter (for formal letters):

·           Make the first draft

·           Edit the draft

·           Finalize the draft

The format of letters:

·           The heading consisting of the writer’s address and date The greeting or salutation (Dear ….., My dear ….., Sir, Madam)

·           The communication or content of the letter (to be in paragraphs – simple language to be used– legibility to be kept in mind)

·           The subscription must always agree in style: Yours faithfully, yours sincerely, yours obediently, yours truly ,etc… in formal letters and yours lovingly, yours affectionately, etc. in personal letters.

·           The signature

·           The superscription on the envelope (Depending on whether it is formal or informal, apt salutation and subscription may be used.)

a) Read the following letter carefully, discuss with your partner and answer the questions.


I request you to publish the following letter in your daily to address an important issue which needs immediate redressal.

During week ends motorcyclists are seen racing on the East Coast road and the Old Mahabalipuram road of Chennai. The amateur racers are risking their own lives and of the public as well. They are fearless and irresponsible, not knowing the price of human lives. Risking others and their lives for their pleasure is highly condemnable.

Even school students indulge in such activities and cause fatal accidents. The racers have started occupying the lanes and streets of busy localities. As such, the violation of traffic rules often results in loss of young lives. Such reckless riders who violate traffic rules should be punished severely.

As a responsible citizen of the society, I request the authorities concerned to take appropriate measures to put an end to this menace.

Yours truly,



a)        Who is the sender of the letter?

Srivatsav is the sender of the letter.

b)       Who is the receiver?

The Editor of the newspaper is the receiver.

c)        What is the issue?

Racing on the East coast road in Chennai is the issue.

d)       What is the request of the sender?

The sender’s request is to put an end to racing in roads.

e)        Who will take steps after reading it?

The department of traffic police will take steps after reading it.

b) You have chosen Computer Science in the Higher Secondary Course. Write a letter to your friend giving reasons for your choice. Read the clues given in brackets to complete the letter.

………Dear Ganesh,…………(Greeting),             

Hope .............you are well...........     (enquire about his well being). I would like to .......... select Computer Science group ............. Firstly ..........the computer has become part of our life. We come across computers in every walk of our life..............    (reason for your choice  of  group).  I  wish..to work in Cyber crime.      (state your mbition).We come to hear...........that the younger generation suffer a lot of the misleads by social media like time killing Whatsapp and Facebook, Blue whale, Tik tok, etc..............  (discuss  recent     unhealthy happenings in social media and the society). These have made me................to choose my career in Information Technology as a Cyber crime officer........ (demand or need of this profession). I have plans to pursue .............MS in Information Technology........... (higher studies or specialization).

All the best for your CA preparation. Convey my ..........regards to all our friends..............

Yours lovingly,

(your name)


a) You had been to your Grandma’s house during the summer holidays. You enjoyed your stay in her company. Write a letter to your Grandma stating how much you miss her after returning to your home.

b) You are the head of the English department in a renowned institution. You are invited to preside over the inauguration of the English Literary club in your alma mater. Respond to the letter you have received either accepting the invitation or expressing your inability to attend the function.

c) Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school requesting him to help you obtain a duplicate mark sheet of class XII, which you lost while travelling.

d) Write a letter to AZ Company requesting them to replace the defective juicer that you bought recently. Include the following details: the problem, date of purchase, receipt number, model and warranty.

e) You wish to become a pilot. Write a letter to a college enquiring about the details of the pilot training course offered by the college. Include the following details in your enquiry: duration of the course, fee structure, scholarships, hostel facilities and placement details.

f) Write a letter to the manager of Waves Furniture Company ordering furniture for a coaching centre. Include the following details: description of the furniture, number of pieces, mode of payment, time and delivery options.

g) Write an application for the post of Personal Secretary to the Managing Director of a company. Include the following details: Educational qualification, experience, various other qualifications required for the post.

h) Write a letter the Editor of a newspaper about the nuisance created by the roadside vendors blocking the pavements and occupying the parking zone.

i) Write a letter to your relative or friend who is admitted in hospital for treatment of jaundice. Advise him/her not to worry about the illness and be positive. Assure him/her of your psychological and financial help during the crisis.

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