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Given below is a template for drafting a speech.



You learnt the art of drafting a speech in Class XI. It requires a few basic steps such as greeting the audience, introducing the topic, elaborating the main points, summarizing the views and thanking the audience.

Given below is a template for drafting a speech.


a) Greet the audience

Formal greeting – Good Morning / Good Afternoon / Good Evening

b) Introduce yourself and the topic to the audience

I , ( name) of class          would like to deliver a short speech on (topic).

Body of the speech

a) Elaborate the main and supporting points

Suggested value points (E.g. Global Warming)

·           Definition of the title ( What is global warming?)

·           Importance and relevance of the topic. (Why is global warming important? What is the relevance of global warming in the present scenario?)

·           Causes and consequences

·           Preventive measures (planting trees / conserving fuel by using alternative energy sources)

·           Solutions (change in life style and attitude / global effort of people and the government)


·           Summarise the main points

·           Appropriate winding up and thanking the audience ( formal – thank you for the patient hearing / thank you for the wonderful opportunity)

Useful linkers and sequence markers 

Describing similarities

·           Like wise, correspondingly, equally, not only... but also, in the same way, similarly

Showing cause and effect

·           Consequently, as a result, thus, therefore, for this reason

Comparing and contrasting

·           Alternatively, however, conversely, on the other hand, instead, yet


·           To summarise, it can be concluded that, ultimately, as described, finally

Task 1

On the occasion of World Environment Day, you have been asked to deliver a speech during morning assembly on the importance of tree planting.

Write the speech in about 100 – 150 words.

·           Introduction

·           Suggested value points

Pollution control – Medicine – Necessary for wildlife – Cause rainfall

·           Conclusion


Good morning to one and all. I, Suresh of class XI would like to deliver a short speech on the importance of tree planting.

Trees contribute our environment by providing Oxygen, improving air quality, changing climate, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take in carbon-di-oxide and produce the oxygen that we breath. Therefore trees are vital. It also stabilizes the soil, and give life to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter. Trees also help to save water and prevent water pollution. Trees can become a great renewable source of energy and an excellent eco-friendly fuel. They reduce soil erosion, increase fertility and help soil to obtain moisture. Trees provide shadow to houses and streets. Plantation of trees is important as they improve the life and fulfil essential needs of mankind. Trees provide food for birds and wildlife. Trees also help to prevent flooding. Leaves of some trees are used as medicines.

If we plant more trees, we can get more rainfall. So we have to plant trees and protect them for the future. Trees are like the lungs of the planet. Trees also help to maintain ozone level in urban area. Planting trees can also help cool your home in the summer. As a result we as humans can play an active role in planting trees to help offset deforestation and urbanization. I thank you for giving an opportunity to speak in front of you.

Task 2

Prepare a speech on “The importance of a reading habit” in about 100–150 words using the hints given below together with your own ideas.

·           Introduction

·           Suggested value points

Knowledge enrichment – Skill development – Meaningful usage of time – Overall development

·           Conclusion


Good evening to all. Now I am going to speak about the importance of a reading habit. Reading is one of the most fundamental skills. A child needs to learn to succeed in life.

Good reading habit is a boon for a person. Good reading habit makes us wise and enhance our intellect. Those who have a habit of reading do not ever feel lonely. In addition to, reading books also help in enhancing the knowledge and helps boost their confidence. Reading helps in developing a person’s imagination and creative power. It also enhances the power of concentration. It certainly enhances the knowledge. Reading is indeed one of the best ways to enrich our vocabulary. Students who read newspaper, magazines, stories, novels, and fictions help in gaining more knowledge. Thus good reading habit helps in the all round development of the students. It helps in diverting the mind towards positivity. Overall development means personality development. Reading not only helps in enhancing knowledge, and vocabulary but also builds the imagination and improve the listening writing skills, and memorizing skills. So it helps us to utilize the time in a proper way.

It provides stronger analytical thinking skills. So we can visit our local library where have books on every subject. Reading a good book is the perfect way to reduce stress, and have a quiet, peaceful time. Last but not least, having a reading habit is much better than having other random habits. As Francis Bacon says “Reading maketh a complete man”, everyone should be a complete man. Thank you!

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