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Chapter: 12th English : UNIT 1 : Prose: Two Gentlemen of Verona


a) synonyms and one antonym b) Homophones and Confusables c) phrasal verbs and frame sentences using them d) suffixes



a. Read the following words taken from the story. Give two synonyms and one antonym for each of these words. Use a dictionary, if required.


b) Homophones and Confusables

You have already learnt that homophones are words that sound alike but are different in spelling and meaning. E.g. feet – feat / face – phase / sort – sought / hair – heir/

What are confusables?

Confusables /confusibles are words that are commonly confused with one another in meaning or usage because of slight similarities in spelling, pronunciation or meaning. e.g. moment – movement / except – expect / human – humane / discover–invent

(i) Given below is a list of common confusables. Distinguish the meaning of each pair of words by framing your own sentences.

a)   emigrate         -        immigrate

emigrate – to move out of 

immigrate – to move into

Sentence: My Grandfather emigrated from India to immigrate to USA.

b)   beside             -        besides

Sentence: Besides watching the folk dance, he was standing beside his car.

c)   judicial  -        judicious

Sentence: One should be judicious in judicial matters.

d)   eligible  -        illegible

Sentence: The eligible condidates are not selected for their illegible handwriting.

e)   conscience      -        conscious

Sentence: The people who have conscience are conscious of many ideas.

f)    industrial        -        industrious

Sentence: An industrial area has industrious people.

g)   eminent -        imminent

Sentence: The most eminent scientist in the world has been warning about the imminent  danger of nuclear war.

h)   illicit               -        elicit

Sentence: The police tried to elicit information from the bootlegger who sold illicit liquor.

i)    prescribed      -        proscribed

Sentence: The book which has been prescribed for the B.A class has been proscribed for containing some remarks against a particular religion.

j)    affect              -        effect

Sentence: The effects of new pension scheme will affect the future of the employees.

k)   aural               -        oral

Sentence: The teacher gave an aural test by oral in the class yesterday.

l)    born               -        borne

Sentence: Many diseases are born by flies which can easily borne.

(ii) Fill in the blanks with suitable homophones or confusables.


c) Give the meanings of the following phrasal verbs and frame sentences using them.

cut off – remove 

Sentence: The government cut off the old pension scheme.

come upon – to meet some one (or) to find something by chance.

Sentence: We turned a corner and we came upon an old man.

put out – extinguish (or) to stop fire

Sentence: Mahesh put the light out and went to sleep.

draw up – come to a halt (or) stop

Sentence: A car drew up beside us.

pass out – faint

Sentence: Due to low pressure, he passed out on the way.

take off – start

Sentence: The helicopter takes off at 10 AM.

turn away – oppose (or) resist

Sentence: The people turned away the Hydro Carbon project.

stand by – support

Sentence: Don’t worry, I will stand by you.

bank on – rely (or) confidently

Sentence: The Prime Minister cannot bank on the opposite party’s support.


d) Read the list of words formed by adding suffixes.








Form two derivatives from each of the following words by adding prefixes and suffixes.

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