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System Calls

System calls provide the interface between a process and the operating system.



ü System calls  provide the interface between  a process and  the operating system.


ü These calls are generally available as assembly-language instructions.


ü System calls can be grouped roughly into five major categories:


1. Process control


2. file management


3. device management


4. information maintenance


5. communications.


1.   Process Control


v end,abort


v load, execute


v Create process and terminate process


v get process attributes and set process attributes.


v wait for time, wait event, signal event


v Allocate and free memory.


2. File Management


v Create file, delete file


v Open , close


v Read, write, reposition


v Get file attributes, set file attributes.


3. Device Management


v Request device, release device.


v Read, write, reposition


v Get device attribtues, set device attributes


v Logically attach or detach devices


4. Information maintenance


v Get time or date, set time or date


v Get system data, set system data


v Get process, file, or device attributes


v Set process, file or device attributes


5. Communications


v Create, delete communication connection


v Send, receive messages


v Transfer status information


v Attach or detach remote devices


Two types of communication models


(a) Message passing model


(b) Shared memory model


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