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Specialized services - Satellite Applications

1. Satellite-email services 2. Video Conferencing (medium resolution) 3. Satellite Internet access

Specialized services:


1. Satellite-email services:


The addition of Internet Access enables Astrium to act as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) capable of offering Inmarsat users a tailor-made Internet connection.


With Internet services added to our range of terrestrial networks, you will no longer need to subscribe to a third party for Internet access (available for Inmarsat A, B, M, mini-M, Fleet, GAN, Regional BGAN & SWIFT networks).


We treat Internet in the same way as the other terrestrial networks we provide, and thus offer unrestricted access to this service. There is no time- consuming log-on procedure, as users are not required to submit a user-ID or password.


Description of E-mail Service:


Astrium's E-Mail service allows Inmarsat users to send and receive e-mail directly through the Internet without accessing a public telephone network.


Features and Benefits


 No need to configure an e-mail client to access a Astrium e-mail account

 Service optimized for use with low bandwidth Inmarsat terminals

 Filter e-mail by previewing the Inbox and deleting any unwanted e-mails prior to downloading

 No surcharge or monthly subscription fees

 Service billed according to standard airtime prices for Inmarsat service used


2. Video Conferencing (medium resolution):


Video conferencing technology can be used to provide the same full, two- way interactivity of satellite broadcast at much lower cost. For Multi-Site meetings, video conferencing uses bridging systems to connect each site to the others.


It is possible to configure a video conference bridge to show all sites at the same time on a projection screen or monitor. Or, as is more typical, a bridge can show just the site from which a person is speaking or making a presentation.


The technology that makes interactive video conferencing possible, compresses video and audio signals, thus creating an image quality lower than that of satellite broadcasts.


3. Satellite Internet access:


Satellite Internet access is Internet access provided through communications satellites. Modern satellite Internet service is typically provided to users through geostationary satellites that can offer high data speeds, with newer satellites using Ka band to achieve downstream data speeds up to 50 Mbps.


Satellite Internet generally relies on three primary components: a satellite in geostationary orbit (sometimes referred to as a geosynchronous Earth orbit, or GEO), a number of ground stations known as gateways that relay Internet data to and from the satellite via radio waves (microwave), and a VSAT (very-small- aperture terminal) dish antenna with a transceiver, located at the subscriber's premises.


Other components of a satellite Internet system include a modem at the user end which links the user's network with the transceiver, and a centralized network operations center (NOC) for monitoring the entire system.

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