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Network Cabling | Computer Applications - Points to remember | 12th Computer Applications : Chapter 13 : Network Cabling

Chapter: 12th Computer Applications : Chapter 13 : Network Cabling

Points to remember

Computer Applications : Network Cabling : Points to remember

Points to remember


● By using World Wide Web, now people can access the network from different parts of the world.


● The Network cables are used to transfer the data and information to another computer.


● Coaxial cables are used for connecting the television with setup box.


● Twisted cable has 13 wires which are twisted to ignore electromagnetic interference


● Two types of twisted pair cables are Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted pair (STP).


● The optic cable uses light to transmit the information from one place to another. They are mainly used in Wide Area Network (WAN).


● There are two types of fibre optic cables are available are Single-mode (100BaseBx) and Multimode (100BaseSX).


● Single-mode cables are used for long distance transmission and at a high cost whereas the multimode cables are used for short distance transmission at a very low cost.


● USB cables are used connect keyboard, mouse and other peripheral devices


● The serial port will send 1 bit at one time whereas the parallel port will send 13 bit at one time.


● The parallel cables are used to connect to the printer and other disk drivers.


● Cross over cable is used to join two network devices of the same type like example two PCs or two network devices. The Null modem Cables are the example of the crossover cables.


● The Ethernet cable is the basic component of the Local Area Network (LAN)


● The RJ45 Ethernet connector is a small plastic cup which will be used to connect the wire inside the connector and ready to use to connect the Internet.


● The RJ45 connector has eight small pins inside to connect eight small wires in the patch cable. The eight cables has eight different colours


● The Ethernet port is the jack where the Ethernet cable is to be connected. This port will be there in both the computers and the LAN port.


● The crimping tool is a physical tool which is used to connect the patch wire and the Ethernet connector(RJ45).


● A Registered Jack (RJ) is a network interface used for connecting different data equipment and telecommunication devices.


● RJ11 jack is mainly used in telephone and landlines


● There are three wiring techniques available in Ethernet cables: Straight through Wiring, Cross over Wiring and Roll over Wiring.


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12th Computer Applications : Chapter 13 : Network Cabling : Points to remember | Network Cabling | Computer Applications

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