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Chapter: Business Science : Customer Relationship Management : CRM Planning and Implementation

Important answers: CRM Planning and Implementation

Business Science - Customer Relationship Management - CRM Planning and Implementation

1. What is meant by collaborative CRM?


Collaborative CRM facilitates interactions with customers through all channels (personal, letter, fax, phone, web, e-mail) and supports co-ordination of employee teams and channels. It is a solution that brings people, processes and data together so companies can better serve and retain their customers. The data/activities can be structured, unstructured, conversational, and/or transactional in nature.





2. What are the benefits of Collaborative CRM?


             Enables   efficient   productive   customer   inter


             Enables   web   collaboration   to   reduce   custome


             Integrates   call-channelcenterspersonalcustomerenablinginteraction   multi


             Integrates   view   of   the   customer   while   inter






3. What are the services of call center? Call center services are:


·        Lead generation


·        Tele-calling


·        e-mail campaign


·        market research



4. What is meant by call center?

Call center is a place that encourages customers to make calls in order to facilitate their easy usage of the product/service offered by the organization. All calls from customers regarding their queries, problems, suggestions are entertained. It consists of a group of personnel that are specifically trained in handling inbound and outbound customer calls thus catering to customer service needs.








5. What is meant by operational CRM?


Operational CRM means supporting the "front office" business processes, which include customer contact (sales, marketing and service). Tasks resulting from these processes are forwarded to employees responsible for them, as well as the information necessary for carrying out the tasks and interfaces to back-end applications are being provided and activities with customers are being documented for further reference.


6. Narrate the importance of CRM in call center?



CRM enables call center employees perform their duties easily and with less strain on account of its user friendly attributes. Less training is required as well. CRM enables call centers to assess their client s requirements and accordingly provide them with what they actually require. CRM also enables call center professionals and managers to prepare their reports speedily and with clarity.


7. What are the various steps in the project implementation of CRM?


Under implementation the steps are:


1. Refining project plan


2. Identifying the technology customization needs


3. Prototype design, test, modify, and rollout


8. What Benefits can CRM offer the Call Center Sector?


Call center CRM software benefits the call center through its provision and storage of valuable customer data, increased automation, visible reduction in call center costs and its potential to boost customer service levels thereby increasing productivity and ensuring customer satisfaction.



It helps in assisting call centers with shorter call durations, reduction in holding time and the decrease of misrouted calls. Since the need for CRM is of extreme importance in the call center spectrum, CRM provides the call center with a complete and accurate picture of the customer. CRM enables the appropriate and most productive usage of customer information thereby helping to build better relationships with customers.








9. How do managers help in conflict resolution in CRM?


CRM‘s resolve conflict. In many cases it is n concerns. a refund ,replacing a broken item or offering a gift will help demonstrate that the


company is willing to work with the customer and is taking responsibility for the situation.


CRM‘s objective is to effectively communicate way that the customer understands.







10. Define market automation?


Marketing automation is basically focused on automating marketing process. In marketing, campaign management involves marketers to use customer specific information to determine, evaluate and develop communication that are targeted to customers in individual as well as multi-level or multi-channel environment. Campaigns developed to communicate customers individually are easy and involves unique and direct communication.


11. What is service automation?


It deals with managingual organization‘sinteractionswithcustomerssuchas service contact, direct sales, direct mail, call centers, data aggregation systems, websites and blogs etc.


are examples of operational CRM. Each interaction with a customer can be collected to the client


database generally known as ‗customer‘s history and the necessary.






12. On what factors do the success of call centre depends upon?


Factors for success of call centre:


1. Customer satisfaction


2. Business process analysis


3. Employee development and welfare


4. Increase in revenue


5. Analyzing future trends


6. Cost reduction.


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