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Chapter: Mechanical : Maintenance Engineering : Repair Methods For Material Handling Equipment

Important Questions and Answers: Repair Methods For Material Handling Equipment

Mechanical - Maintenance Engineering - Repair Methods For Material Handling Equipment

1. State few examples of material handling equipments.


Material handling equipments include carts, hand trucks, fork lifts, conveyors, shelf pickers and other specialized industrial trucks powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines.


2. State the benefits of proper maintenance of material handling equipments.


The benefits of a maintenance program for material handling equipments are to maintain the high efficiency, keep them in running condition, reduce the cost of repairs, safer operation and enhanced productivity.


3. State the major stages in preventive maintenance of material handling equipments. There are three stages of preventive maintenance are:


1. Inspection

2. Repair and

3.     over haul


4. State the various phases present in a good maintenance management system.

1. Work identification

2. Planning

3. Scheduling

4. Execution

5. Recording and

6. Analysis


5. Define the term computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) Computerized maintenance management system is the application of computers in

planning, scheduling, monitoring and control of maintenance activities.


6. State the objectives of CMMS.


1.     Maintenance of existing equipments

2. Inspection and service of the equipment


3. installation or revamping of the equipment 4.Maintenance storekeeping


5. craft administration


7.     State the advantages of CMMS.

1.     Improve maintenance efficiency

2.     Reduce maintenance costs


3.     Reduce the equipment downtime by proper scheduling preventative maintenance.


4.     provide maintenance reports in specific formats depending on the requirements.


5.     Quicker access to plant maintenance statistics


8.     Define work order system.


Work order system is the information system used by the industry to keep track of its maintenance works.


9.     Mention the use of work order backlog.


Work order back log is used to find out all active maintenance works order in an industry.


10.                       What is work permit?


Work permits are components of work order. Maintenance department issues work permits to different executing agencies permitting them to start their work.


11.                       What is job card?


Job cards contain necessary details for performing individual job in maintenance organizations. Job card may be in the form of a card, sheet or printout.


12.                       State the benefits of job card system.

1.     Information about maintenance history

2.     Knowledge of frequency of frequency of maintenance for equipments

3.     Details of equipments which require maximum resources

4.     Helps in job auditing

5.     Evaluation of cost of maintenance.


13.                       State the role equipment records in maintenance.


Equipment records are information containing the details of installation, service, repair, maintenance activities, schedules and plans for future implementation. Equipment records are to be used to maintain control on maintenance cost, reliability and availability.


14.            State the benefits of keeping equipments records.

1.     clear picture about the details of maintenance programmes is obtained.


2.     information about completed, pending and regular jobs carried out to the equipment are available


Records disseminated to various units of the industry.


4.     Helps in standardization of procedures.

5.     Evaluation of performance of maintenance tasks.


15.            List some of the inspection performed on gears

Pitch error

Axial and

Radial run out

Tooth profile etc


16. Define Root cause analysis?


RCA is a step by step method that leads to the discovery of faults first or root cause. Every equipment failure happens for a number of reasons. There is a definite progression of actions and consequences that lead to a failure. An RCA investigation from the end failure is back to the root cause.


17.List the main factors of maintenance cost?

The maintenance cost is comprised of two factors:

(i) Fixed cost: This includes the cost of support facilities including the maintenance staff.


(ii)    Variable cost: This includes the consumption of spare parts, replacement of components and cost other facilities requirements of maintenance.


18.Name the three types of failure models?

Predictable failure model Unpredictable failure model Running-In-Failure model


19.Define Event tree Analysis


An event tree is a visual representation of all the events which can occur in a system. As the number of events increases, the pictures fans out like the branches of a tree


20.What are two main types of infrared themography? 

1. Passive thermography


2.  Active thermography




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