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Chapter: Mechanical : Computer Aided Design : CAD Standards

Important Questions and Answers: CAD Standards

Mechanical - Computer Aided Design - CAD Standards

1.List some Standards us ed in computer graphics.


2.     What are the Types of Standards used in CAD?


Graphics Standa rds


Data Exchange Standards


Communication Standards


3.     Write Aim of Graphics Standardization.



         To provide versatility in the combination of Software and Hardware items of turnkey systems


         To allow the creation of portable application software package, applicable for wide range of hardware makes enumand configurations


4.     Enumerate GKS 3D.

5.  Write short note on PH IGS.

6.  Write short note on NA PLPS.

7.  List the features of NAP LPS.

8.  Sketch the layer model of GKS.


9.  Write features of Conti nuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support (C ALS).


•Developed by U S Department of Defense


•Prescribes formats for storage and exchange of technical data •Technical publications an important focus


10.     Sketch STEP Architect ure.


11. List the Classes of STE P Parts.


•Introductory •Description meth ods •Implementation methods


•Conformance testing methodology and framework •Integrated resour ces


•Application prot ocols •Abstract test suites


12.                        What are Important CA LS Standards?


Standard Genera lized Markup Language (SGML)


Computer Grap hics Metafile (CGM)


13.                        Note on Computer Gra phics Metafile (CGM).


Devel oped in 1986


vector file format for illustrations and drawings


All gra phical elements can be specified in a textual so urce file that can be com piled into a binary file or one of two text repres entations


14.  What is meant by OpenGL (Open Graphics Library)?


OpenGL                   is       a cross-language, multi-platform application  programming


interface (API) forrendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. The API is typically used to interact with a graphics processing unit (GPU), to achieve hardware-accelerated rendering.


15.                        List Graphics primitives in GKS with sketch.



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