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Chapter: 12th Botany : Chapter 7 : Ecosystem


Botany : Ecosystem : Glossary

Botany : Ecosystem



Ecosystem: Study of interaction between living and non-living components


Standing quality: Total inorganic substances presents in any ecosystem at a given time and given area


Standing crops: Amount of living material present in a population at any time.


Biomass: Can be measured as fresh weight or dry weight of organisms


Benthic: Bottom zone of the pond


Trophic: Refers to the position of organisms in food chain


Omnivores: Those eats both plants and animals


Food chain: Refers movement of energy from producers up to top carnivores


Food web: Interlocking pattern of food chain


Pyramid of number: Refers number of organisms in a successive trophic level


Pyramid of biomass: Refers to quantitative relationship of the standing crops


Pyramid of energy: Refers transformation of energy at successive trophic levels


Ten per cent law: refers only 10 per cent of energy is stored in each successive trophic levels


Bio geo chemical cycle: Exchange of nutrients between organisms and environments


Carbon cycle: Circulation of carbon among organisms and environments


Guano: It is a accumulated excrement of sea birds and bats.


Phosphorus cycle: Circulation of Phosphorus among organisms and environments


Succession: Successive replacement of one type of plant communities by other on barren or disturbed area.


Pioneers: Invaded plants on barren area


Primary succession: Plants colonising on barren area


Secondary succession: Plants colonising on disturbed area.


Climax communities: Final establishment of plant communities which are not replaced by others.

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