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Factors Contributing to Customer Satisfaction

1.PRODUCT AND SERVICE FEATURES: 2.Consumer emotions: 3.Attributions for service success/failure: 4.Perceptions for Equity/fairness: 5.Other consumers, family members and co-workers: 6.National customer satisfaction indexes:






It is influenced by evaluation of product or service. Ex: In hotel features like restaurants, room comfort, privacy, helpfulness and courtesy, room price etc., are evaluated.


2.Consumer emotions:


It may also affect the perception of satisfaction with product/services. Emotions can be stable; good mood etc. When you are in good mood, you will have a positive frame mind towards the services you experience. Positive emotions like happiness, pleasure, elation, sense of warm-heartedness enhanced customer satisfaction.


3.Attributions for service success/failure:


When the service firm have been surprised by an customer (either by performing better/worse), consumer tend to look for reasons.


Ex: If a customer of a weight-loss organization fails to lose the weight, he tend to search for the causes.


4.Perceptions for Equity/fairness:


Customer is also influenced by the perceptions of equity and fairness. They ask themselves.


Ex: Did other customers get better treatment? Have I been treated fairly compared to other customers.

5.Other consumers, family members and co-workers:


Customer satisfaction is influenced by other people.

Ex: In a business setting, satisfaction with a new service; a new customer relationship management software service will be influenced by individ


6.National customer satisfaction indexes:

It measures and tracks customer satisfaction at Macro Level. This focus on quality of output. The first measure was founded in the year 1989 called Swedish Customer satisfaction Barometer.


Outcome of Customer satisfaction:


1.It is not only tracking the economic efficiency and pricing statistics but also indicates the quality of life.


2.Customer satisfaction is correlated with other measures of economic health Corporate earnings; Stock Value.


3.Increasing level of customer satisfaction linked to customer loyalty and profits.


4.There is a relationship between dissatisfaction / disloyalty.

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