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Expanded Marketing Mix of Services (7 P’s)

1) Price 2) Product 3) Place 4) Promotion 5) Physical evidence 6) Process 7) People



1)                Price


2)                Product


3)                Place


4)                Promotion


5)       Physical evidence


6)       Process


7)       People



1.                 PRICE: By deciding the price of the services, time, and unwanted mental and physical effort, exposure to negative sensory experiences should be considered.


2.                 PRODUCT: In services both core product and bundle of supplementary service segments should be considered. The benefits desired by customers and how well the competing products are performed should be analyzed.


3.                 PLACE: Here decisions are to be taken on the methods and channels used. Delivery made through physical or electronic distribution channel or both depending on nature of service



4.                 PROMOTION: This involves providing needed information and advice, persuading the target customers and encouraging the customers take action at specific times.


Therefore,                            communication   cannd pressbe.   delivered   by


Their promotional activities may influence brand choice.


5. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: The appearance of buildings, interior furnishing, equipment, staff members is which provides tangible evidence of


6. PROCESS: It is a method and sequence of action in service performance.


Poor process makes it difficult for frontline staff to do their jobs well, resulting in low productivity and increased service failure.


7. PEOPLE: They are the intermediary between customers and the firm. Service quality is often assessed based on customers‟ interaction with Services Markets Segmentation.

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