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Chapter: 12th Botany : Competitive Examination Questions

Economic Botany - Competitive Examination Questions

Botany : Competitive Examination Questions

UNIT X - Economic Botany


1. The name of Dr. Norman Borlaug is associated with

a) Green revolution

b) Yellow revolution

c) White revolution

d) Blue revolution


2. Which of the following is generally used for induced mutageneis in crop plants

a) Alpha

b) X-ray

c) UV ray

d) Gamma ray


3. A man-made allopolyploid cereal crop is

a) Hordeum vulgare

b) Triticale

c) Raphanus brassica

d) Zee mays


4. Objective of plant breeding is

a) better yield

b) better quality

c) disease / stress resistance

d) All of the above


5. Selection is a method of

a) cytology

b) plant phycology

c) plant breeding

d) genetics


6. Green revolution in India occurred during

a) 1960’s

b) 1970’s

c) 1980’s

d) 1950’s


7. Jaya and ratna developed for green revolution in India are the varieties of

a) maize

b) rice

c) sugarcane

d) wheat.


8. First man-made cereal triticale is

a) Octaploid

b) hexaploid

c) Both a & b

d) diploid


9. In plant breeding programmes, the entire collection (of plants / seeds) having all the diverse alleles for all genes in a given crop is called

a) cross hybridization among the selected parents

b) evaluation is selection of parents

c) germplasm collection

d) selection of superior recombinants


16. An example for semi dwarf variety of wheat is

a) IR 8

b) Sonalika

c) Triticum

d) Saccharum


17. Himgiri developed by hybridization is selection for disease resistance against rust pathogen is a variety of

a) Chilli

b) Maize

c) Sugarcane

d) Wheat


18. Breeding of crops with high levels of minerals, vitamins and proteins is called

a) somatic hybridization

b) biofortification

c) bio magnification

d) micro propagation


19. The reason for vegetatively reproducing crop plants to suit for maintaining hybrid vigour is that

a) they are more resistant to disease

b) once a desired hybrid produced, no chances of losing it

c) they can be easily propagated

d) they have a longer life span.


20. Wonder wheat is a new wheat variety developed by

a) Mexico’s International Wheat and Maize improvement centre

b) Indian National Botanical Research Institute

c) Australian crop Improvement centre

d) African Crop Improvement centre

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