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Classification of Drugs

There following are a classification of drugs according to the action

Classification of Drugs

There following are a classification of drugs according to the action

1.        ANALGESICS:-  Drugs  used  to relieve pain.

2.        ANAESTHETICS:-  Drugs  which causes loss of sensation.

3.        ANTI -PYRETICS:- Drugs which reduce fever. e.g crocin

4.        ANTHELMINTICS:- Drugs which destroy and expel worms.e.g mebandazole

5.        ANTIDOTES:- Substance used to counteract effects of poison. eg large quantity of diluted alkali is given to neutralize acid poisoning.

6.        ANTACIDS:- Substance that react with hydrochloric acid to decrease the activity of the gastric secretions e.g.gelucil

7.        ANTI-EMETICS:- Drugs relieving or preventing nausea and vomiting.

8.        ANTI-HISTAMINES:- The agents which used to prevent or relieve allergies.

9.        ANTI-COAGULANTS:- Substance which inhibit or decrease blood – clotting process .

10.   ANTI-CONVULSANTS:- Use to treat convulsion

11.   ANTI- SEPTIC:- A Substance that inhibit the growth of bacteria.

12.   DIURETICS:- Which increase the flow of urine.ex. lasix

13.   EMOLLIENT:- Substance that soften, smooth and protect the skin.

14.   EXPECTORANTS:- Increase the bronchial secretions and aid in the expulsion of the mucus.

15.   HYPNOTICS:- Drugs that produce sleep.

16.   HYPOGLYCAEMICS:- Drugs that lower the blood sugar level.

17.   MUSCLE RELAXANTS:- Agents used for diminution of tension or functional activity of muscles.

18.   NASAL DECONGESTANTS:-Drugs which used to relieve the nasal congestion.

19.   NARCOTICS:- A drugs that reduce complete insensibility.

20.   SEDATIVES:- Substance which lessen the body activity and induce sleep.

21.   STIMULANTS:- Increase the functional activity of an organ or system.

22.   TRANQUILLIZERS:- To calm nervous anxious, excited or disturbed helps client.

23.   VASODILATOR:- It reduce blood pressure

24.   EMETICS:- Drugs which produce vomiting

25.   MYDRIATICS:- Drugs which dilate pupil of the eye


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