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Characteristics of effective Communication

Characteristics of effective Communication Factors that influence Communication: Factors inhibiting effective Communication: Therapeutic Communication (or) Nurse - Patient relationship:

Characteristics of effective Communication:

            Maintaining silence.


            Listening attentively.


            Willingness to hear a message.


            Asking related questions.


            Paraphrasing or restating the message.


            Focusing on a specific topic.


            Summarizing (or) concise review of main ideas at the end.

Factors that influence Communication:

            Perceptions of individuals.



            Development stage.








            Socio - cultural background..




            Roles and relationships.


            Environmental setting.

Factors inhibiting effective Communication:

            Giving an opinion.


            Offering false assurance.


            Being defensive.


            Showing approval or disapproval.


            Asking why.


            Changing the subject inappropriately.


            Forming communication barriers by inadvertently saying something that blocks the communication process.

Therapeutic Communication (or) Nurse - Patient relationship:

Without knowing the patient' s needs, a nurse is unable to effectively diagnose, response to illness and initiate actions. Through therapeutic relationship, the nurse develops a working, functional relationship with patients and fulfil purpose of nursing process.


              Social interaction: Social interaction is the first attempt at communicating with a patient. The messages conveyed are usually superficial.


A social interaction at the beginning of conversation is necessary to establish a close relationship of trust. (eg) The nurse might greet a client by saying 'Good morning, Mrs. Rani' A skillful nurse maintains a congenial and warm style of communicating to elicit a patient' s trust.


The nurse' s goal is to help the clients to feel comfortable in sharing attitudes and feelings.

              Developing a helping relationship: Nurse-patient relationship is the learning experience whereby two people interact to face an immediate health problem, to share, if possible in resolving it and to discover ways to adapt to the situation.


The nurse uses interpersonal communication skills to develop a relationship that will lead to understanding the patient as a total person. The relationship in therapeutic, promotes positive change and


Dimension of helping relationship:

            Trust is the assured belief that other individuals are capable of assisting in times of distress. Trust fosters open, therapeutic communication. To foster trust, the nurse acts consistently, reliably and competently. Honesty also builds trust.


Empathy is the ability to understand and accept the life of another person and to accurately perceive feeling.

The nurses communicates an understanding of the client' s expressions.


            Caring is the foundation of nursing as a human science. Caring attitudes involves.

            attention to or concern for the patient.


            responsibility for the patient and


            regard, fondness or attachment to a patient.


A nurse shows caring by accepting patients for themselves and respecting them as individuals.


Autonomy and mutuality:


Autonomy refers to ability to be self-directed. Mutuality involves sharing with another. The nurse and patient work as a team. Nurse offers patients opportunity to make decision and works with the patient to achieve and maintain an optimal level of wellness.


Communicating with Children involves sitting at eye level, using simple direct language and incorporating play into discussion.


Communication with older adult patients with sensory losses require communication techniques that maximize existing sensory and motor function.


Communication is one of the most important skill for a nurse. Through communication a nurse establishes a relationship with patients and families to help them acquire healthy behaviour.

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