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Answer in a paragraph

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VII. Answer in a paragraph


1. Write a note on continental shelf and continental slope.

Continental Shelf

• "Continental Shelf" is a shadow, and gently sloping platform extending out from the adjoining continental land mass into the sea.

• The sunlight penetrates through the water as the continental shelves are shallower. This encourages abundant growth of grass, sea weeds and plankton. These zones because the Richest Fishing grounds in the world. Ex :The Grand Banks (New found land).

Continental Slope:

• A steep slope that descends from the edge of the continental shelf to the deep ocean - bed is "Continental Slope".

• As they are steep this zone is free from deposits. Deep canyons and Tranches are found here.

• The slope has nearly freezing temperature and so aquatic life has very slow rate of metabolism. The low penetration of sunlight is the reason for low temperature.


2. What do you mean by ocean currents? Explain its types.

Oceans Currents

• The Ocean current is the movement of oceanic water on the surface and at the depths in a definite direction.

Classification of Ocean Currents

On the basis of temperature there are

• Warm currents

• Cold currents

Warm Currents

• The movement of ocean currents form the ‘low latitudes towards’ high latitudes is ‘Warm Current’.

Ex : Gulf stream (Atlantic Ocean), North Equatorial current (Pacific Ocean)

Cold Currents

• The movement of Ocean currents from the high latitudes towards low latitudes is "Cold Current".

Ex. Labrador Current (Atlantic Ocean), Peruvian Current (Pacific Ocean).

[Low Latitude - Tropical regions

High Latitude - Temperate and polar regions]


3. Explain the influences of the marine resources on mankind.

Marine Resources

• The biotic and abiotic resources found in the oceanic water and at the bottoms are called marine resources.

• The ocean's resources play a vital role in sustaining the needs of society.

• A diverse array of marine organisms is used for food, medicine, cosmetics a wealth of industrial applications.

• The world's demand for energy, minerals and water have become increasingly depend on non-living marine resources.

• The resources are essential for economic prosperity, Social well - being and quality of life.

• Marine resources help tourism, Fishing and non - conventional energy.


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