Biology laboratory Practicals

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Biology laboratory Practicals

Biology laboratory Practicals

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment - Biology Practicals
List of Chemicals - Biology Laboratory Practicals
Making Biology Solutions - Biology Laboratory Practicals

Collecting Biology Specimens

Kingdom Fungi - Collecting Biology Specimens
Kingdom Plantae - Collecting Biology Specimens
Kingdom Animalia - Collecting Biology Specimens
Phylum Platyhelminthes - Collecting Biology Specimens
Phylum Nematoda or Ascehelminthyes - Collecting Biology Specimens
Phylum Annelida: Earthworms (Chambo) and Leeches (Ruba) - Collecting Biology Specimens
Phylum Arthropoda - Collecting Biology Specimens
Phylum Chordata - Collecting Biology Specimens

Biology Activities with Specimens

Characteristics of Living Things
Introduction to Classification - Biology Activities with Specimens
Classification System - Biology Activities with Specimens
Investigation of Kingdom Fungi
Investigation of Division Coniferophyta
Investigation of Division Angiospermophyta
Investigation of Phylum Arthropoda
Investigation of Phylum Chordata
Dissection of a Rat

Biology Activities

Introduction to Biology: Measuring and Recording Mass, Temperature, Pulse Rate, and Volume
Cell Structure and Organization: Examining Animal and Plant Cells
Nutrition - Biology Activities
Food Test for Lipids
Food Test for Proteins
Food Test for Starch
Food Test for Reducing Sugars
Food Test for Non-Reducing Sugars
Investigating the Structures of a Leaf
Test for Starch in Leaves
The Importance of Carbon Dioxide in Photosynthesis
The Importance of Chlorophyll in Photosynthesis
The Importance of Light in Photosynthesis
Oxygen as a By-product of Photosynthesis
Essential Minerals in Plants
Investigation of Abiotic and Biotic Components in the Environment
Construction of Food Webs and Food Chains
Demonstration of Diffusion
Osmosis - Demonstration
Demonstration of Capillarity
Demonstration of Mass Flow
Demonstration of Transpiration Pull
Examination of the Vascular System in Plants
Examination of Root Hair in Germinated Seeds
Determination of Pulse Rate
Identification of Carbon Dioxide in Exhaled Air
Identify the products of anaerobic respiration
Investigate the Effects of Phototropism
Investigation of the Effects of Hydrotropism
Investigation of Effects of Geotropism
Using Sense Organs to Make Observations
Investigating Conditions Necessary for Seed Germination
Demonstration of Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination

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