Biology laboratory Practicals

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Biology laboratory Practicals

Laboratory Equipment

=> Laboratory Equipment - Biology Practicals
=> List of Chemicals - Biology Laboratory Practicals
=> Making Biology Solutions - Biology Laboratory Practicals

Collecting Biology Specimens

=> Kingdom Fungi - Collecting Biology Specimens
=> Kingdom Plantae - Collecting Biology Specimens
=> Kingdom Animalia - Collecting Biology Specimens
=> Phylum Platyhelminthes - Collecting Biology Specimens
=> Phylum Nematoda or Ascehelminthyes - Collecting Biology Specimens
=> Phylum Annelida: Earthworms (Chambo) and Leeches (Ruba) - Collecting Biology Specimens
=> Phylum Arthropoda - Collecting Biology Specimens
=> Phylum Chordata - Collecting Biology Specimens

Biology Activities with Specimens

=> Characteristics of Living Things
=> Introduction to Classification - Biology Activities with Specimens
=> Classification System - Biology Activities with Specimens
=> Investigation of Kingdom Fungi
=> Investigation of Division Coniferophyta
=> Investigation of Division Angiospermophyta
=> Investigation of Phylum Arthropoda
=> Investigation of Phylum Chordata
=> Dissection of a Rat

Biology Activities

=> Introduction to Biology: Measuring and Recording Mass, Temperature, Pulse Rate, and Volume
=> Cell Structure and Organization: Examining Animal and Plant Cells
=> Nutrition - Biology Activities
=> Food Test for Lipids
=> Food Test for Proteins
=> Food Test for Starch
=> Food Test for Reducing Sugars
=> Food Test for Non-Reducing Sugars
=> Investigating the Structures of a Leaf
=> Test for Starch in Leaves
=> The Importance of Carbon Dioxide in Photosynthesis
=> The Importance of Chlorophyll in Photosynthesis
=> The Importance of Light in Photosynthesis
=> Oxygen as a By-product of Photosynthesis
=> Essential Minerals in Plants
=> Investigation of Abiotic and Biotic Components in the Environment
=> Construction of Food Webs and Food Chains
=> Demonstration of Diffusion
=> Osmosis - Demonstration
=> Demonstration of Capillarity
=> Demonstration of Mass Flow
=> Demonstration of Transpiration Pull
=> Examination of the Vascular System in Plants
=> Examination of Root Hair in Germinated Seeds
=> Determination of Pulse Rate
=> Identification of Carbon Dioxide in Exhaled Air
=> Identify the products of anaerobic respiration
=> Investigate the Effects of Phototropism
=> Investigation of the Effects of Hydrotropism
=> Investigation of Effects of Geotropism
=> Using Sense Organs to Make Observations
=> Investigating Conditions Necessary for Seed Germination
=> Demonstration of Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination

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