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Various software packages used for CRM

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Various software packages used for CRM




CRM software has been popular over the last twenty years and a number of software packages have been popular during that time. Siebel Systems was founded by Thomas Siebel back in 1993 and developed popular Sales Force Automation and CRM packages. In 2002, Siebel controlled 45% of the CRM market and in 2005 it was purchased by Oracle.


Epiphany was founded around the same time as Siebel and launched a very popular modular CRM package. Epiphany was purchased by SSA in 2005, which was in turn purchased by Infor in 2006. The Epiphany CRM software is now marketed as Infor CRM Epiphany.


Salesforce.com is a leading CRM product that is not traditional software that is installed at a client, but is offered over the internet, which is commonly referred to a software-as-a-service (SaaS). Salesforce.com was founded in 1999 and now has over 55,000 customers.


SAP, which is more commonly known as a vendor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, offers a very popular CRM package. companies who are already SAP customers because of the ease of integration.



ERP, E-Commerce, CRM Applications




Organizations expect a lot from-and rightlytoday‘sso.The Enter market trends have been driving this and the environment which is influencing the scenario of


single ERP vendor, less customization, more frequent upgrades, integrated modules, web services, vendor consolidation and outsourced support and hosting etc. Our solutions revolve around the Organizations‘ requirements to:


§    Standardize processes and Domain-specific Customizations


§    Integrated Operations and Application Management, Integrated Helpdesk and single SLA for infrastructure services

§    De risk through discrete application outsourcing


§    Reporting and analysis of business performance


Our Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, extend to all realms of business


§    Forecasting and Budgeting


§    Post Mergers and Acquisition IT integration


§    Financial Reporting and Analysis


§    Governance and Compliance


§    Risk Management


§    Accounts Receivable and Dispute Management Process


At Fingent, we take cognizance of the following areas of concern while proposing an ERP implementation solution to our customers.

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