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Chapter: 5th English : Term 2 Unit 2 : Sports

The Strength in his Weakness

Akilan was an active and energetic boy. He liked sports as much as studies.


The Strength in his Weakness


Akilan was an active and energetic boy. He liked sports as much as studies. They were like his eyes. How could he choose one over the other? He had a passion for sports. So he spent most of his evenings in the playground. He also remembered his father’s words “Learn well, live well!”. So, Akilan used to spend his mornings on studies. His physical education teacher was his inspiration. The teacher was good at Judo. His passion for learning Judo grew every day. He was afraid that his interest in Judo would upset his parents. Finally, one day, Akilan told his parents about his passion for Judo and also showed the medals he won in sports. His parents were astonished on seeing the medals and certificates that he won in school.

After a few months, in an accident, Akilan lost his left hand. That day onwards he did not go out of house often. He used to sit in a corner. His parents were keen to fulfil their son’s passion. His father showed an advertisement of a Judo school that he came across in a newspapper. Akilan saw the advertisement, his passion for Judo energised him. He asked his father if he could join the school. His father with tears of joy, got him admitted in the Judo school. Akilan was very excited on his first day in Judo school. His master was the best Judo teacher in the town. His master trained him the basics before teaching the advanced skills.

Everyone wondered how a boy with one arm could master Judo. Akilan learnt and practised consistently for two years. He practised only a single stroke for two years. Akilan was surprised and annoyed as his master taught him only one stroke but, soon he mastered the stroke.

What can be the reason for the master to teach the boy only one stroke? Discuss.

No one could excel him in that stroke. To everyone’s surprise, Akilan was picked by the master for “National Judo Competition”. Everyone ridiculed Akilan and his master, as they were not sure how a boy with one hand could win a national competition! To everyone’s surprise, Akilan easily defeated all his six contenders with his single stroke. Akilan reached the finals.

Akilan’s heart was beating fast, and he could not believe that he was in the finals. The final match began, and it had a total of six rounds. The opponent was very strong and defeated Akilan easily in the first two rounds. The referee blew his whistle then, Akilan’s master rushed to him and said, “Believe yourself. The key to success is to focus on your strengths and not your weakness.”

Akilan felt some new energy rushing through him. He did not want to lose this match. Akilan understood the hidden hint his master gave him. He had to focus on his single stroke and not on the strength of the opponent.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Four strokes and four knockouts. Akilan had won the finals. He was the champion!

Akilan thanked his master for training him and for believing in him. Soon, Akilan’s curiosity took over, and he asked, “How did I win the competition with a single stroke?” His master told him, “My dear, you learnt the most difficult stroke in Judo that very few can master. If your opponent wants to beat you, they should hold your left hand. This is the secret behind your victory!”



passion : strong emotion

inspiration : mentally stimulated to do something creative

wondered : to think with a feeling of surprise

excel : exceptionally good

ridiculed : teased


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