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Chapter: 5th English : Term 2 Unit 2 : Sports

Practice Makes a Man Perfect: Questions with Answers

5th English : Term 2 Unit 2 : Sports: Practice Makes a Man Perfect: Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution



A. Choose the correct answer.

1. Uthaman was skilled in archery.

a) painting

b) archery

c) dance

2. The old man was carrying gourds of oil.

a) gourds of oil

b) gourds of milk

c) gourds of water

3. The old man is an oil seller.

a) a vegetable vender

b) an oil seller

c) a merchant

4. The old man put a small coin on the mouth of the gourd.

a) a piece of paper

b) a small coin

c) a small stick


B. Answer the following questions.

1. What did the archer want to show to the crowd?

The archer was good at archery. He wanted to show his feats of archery to the crowd.

2. Why did Uthaman become angry with the old man?

The old man did not admire the skill of Uthaman. He simply said that it was a matter of practice. So Uthaman became angry with the old man.

3. What did the oil seller perform?

The oil seller put a gourd on the ground. He placed a coin on the mouth of it. The coin had a small hole. The oil seller stood up. He poured the oil into the gourd through the small hole in the coin. The oil did not spill on the coin. It filled the gourd without spillage.

4. What was the lesson learnt by Uthaman?

We can learn anything with years of practice. The skill we achieve is a matter of practice,


C. Try your own.

Bow : a weapon with an arch used for shooting arrows (வில்) : Arjun carried a bow and arrows (Noun)


D. Speak and win.

Join in any group. Pick and support any one of the characters. Say some sentences for the one you support and say some sentences against the another one to win.

I support the archer"

He was good at archery.

He was a good shooter

He shot the.arrow at the centre of the target.

I support the old man

He was good at filling oil.

He had the skill of concentration.

He filled the oil through a small hole without spilling.




Read the passage three times and colour a trophy for each time.

We had our annual sports day on the 15th of this month. It was fun. They decorated the school and the playground. There was the March past. The headmaster started the event. There were races, jumps and other events. Martin and I took part in 100 and 200 meters race. In 100 meters race, I came first. I got a gold medal. My friend Ravi got first in 200 meters. The girl’s team won the relay race. In the long jump, Rubesh won the first prize. He is in the sixth grade. Yasmin was the champion of the year. The events closed with a giving away the prizes.

Tick () the champion of the year

Write the events won by these players.



Note to the teacher: Give the same kind of application form for participating in state level open meet and add it to their Portfolio.


I Can Do


A. Answer the following.

Prize cup (பரிசு க் கோப்பை) : I won a gold cup in badminton


B. Write the words with same meaning for the following pictures.


C. Write the opposites for the following pictures.


D. Recite the poem ‘The Swimmer’.

E. Match the correct rhyming words.

nature - herd

bird - race

face - creature


nature – creature

bird - herd

face – race


F. Complete the sentences using connecting words

( because so )

1. I worked hard so I got promotion.

2. I was late because there was a heavy traffic.

3. I missed the bus so I took a taxi.


Learning Outcome

Now I can...

Note to the teacher: Ask children to colour the balloon when they achieve the learning outcome.

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