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We are one | Term 3 Chapter 2 | 5th English - The Dreamer: Questions with Answers | 5th English : Term 3 Unit 2 : We are one

Chapter: 5th English : Term 3 Unit 2 : We are one

The Dreamer: Questions with Answers

5th English : Term 3 Unit 2 : We are one : The Dreamer (Poem) : Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution

A. Answer the following questions.

1. How are we divided in real world?

In real world, we are divided by caste, colour, language and religion.

2. Does the poet want diversity? why?

No, the poet does not want diversity because he wants us to live in unity.

3. Do you like this kind of world?

Yes, I like this kind of world.


B. Imagine your world and write its qualities in the cloud.

Free from injustice and inequality, Peaceful and Prosperous, Free from war and disputes, Earth greet and fertile, With Humanity and Hospitality




A king went to a forest on a horse. He stopped under a tree to rest and tied his horse there. A loin from a distance saw him and he also saw it. He took his horse and fled away.

In above story the coloured words are used instead of nouns King and lion. These words are called pronouns. Pronouns are used in the place of a noun. When we have to repeat a noun we should use a pronoun instead of the noun.


Try this.

Now we are going to learn new pronoun that is reflexive pronoun.

In the above example the coloured word denotes reflexive pronoun. A reflexive pronoun is used when something does something to itself.


A. Choose the correct reflexive pronoun.

1. Each morning, I brush my teeth and stare at myself the mirror.

a. himself

b. herself

c. myself

d. itself

2. Dad and I painted the trailer ourselves.

a. myself

b. himself

c. itself

d. ourselves

3. The children made holiday decorations by themselves.

a. itself

b. ourselves

c. themselves

d. their selves

4. Paul copies his friend’s homework instead of doing it himself.

a. itself

b. himself

c. myself

d. yourself

5. Please make yourselves at home while you wait.

a. themselves

b. himself

c. yourselves

d. herself


B. Complete the sentence with correct reflexive pronoun.

1. I like myself.

2. She put herself into the trouble.

3. Teachers teach themselves a new lesson every day.

4. The machine will destroy itself once its task is done.

5. You made it harder for yourself.

( Myself, yourself, himself, herself, Itself, ourselves, themselves)




C. Listen to the audio and tick where the following statements are true or false.

It is my first day at school. Mummy is holding my hand and walking with me. “I am grown up now,” I say. “Let go, let go!” Mummy holds my hand very tight. There are many children near the school. They come by bus. They come by car. They come by rickshaw. They cycle. They walk, like me. We reach the gate. Mummy lets go of my hand. She stays at the gate. I have to go inside alone. There are many new faces all around me. I take one step. I take another step. I look back. Mummy gets smaller as I walk away. Will she disappear? I run back to her. I don’t feel so grown up. I hold her hand. “Don’t go away,” I say. Everyone is inside now. I am the only one outside. The teacher comes out. She smiles at me. I smile back. Mummy says, "Rani, I will be here when you come out." I let go of her hand. She waves to me. I run inside. Mummy will be there after school!

1. It is the first day at school.                       True/False

2. All the children are coming only by bus.  True/False

3. There are many children outside.             True/False

4. She hold her mom's hand very tight.   True/False

5. Teacher smiles at Rani.                        True/False

Note to the teacher: Scan the QR code to listen to the audio. Let the children listen to the audio and answer the question. The listening passage is given at the end.




Let us learn to enact the story.

Steps to follow to enact.

Step 1 : Look at the pictures.

Step 2 : Decide in your pair who will be the lion and who will be the rat.

Step 3 : Decide the scenes. (Hint: Each picture is a scene)

Step 4 : Make dialogues for each scene and practise it. Some dialogues that will help you are: “Oh lion! Please leave me. I can save you in danger.” , “How will you save me? Now run before I eat you.” , “Oh king, I am happy I could help you.” and “Thank you rat for saving me.”

Step 5: Act it to the class!


1. Rat: Oh, lion! Please leave me. I can save you in danger

2. Lion: You, little rat. How can you save me? Run before I eat you.

3. Lion: Alas! I am caught in a net. Can anyone help me?

4. Rat: Oh, king! I am happy I could help you. I'll set you free from the net.

Lion: Thank you rat for saving me.

Note to the teacher: Give two more picture stories for children to enact with some key words for making dialogues.

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