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My Duties | Term 3 Chapter 3 | 5th English - The Case of The Missing Water: Questions with Answers | 5th English : Term 3 Unit 3 : My Duties

Chapter: 5th English : Term 3 Unit 3 : My Duties

The Case of The Missing Water: Questions with Answers

5th English : Term 3 Unit 3 : My Duties : Story : The Case of The Missing Water : Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. The tank in Divya’s village was almost dry.

a. full

b. dry

c. half full

2. Divya loved solving mysteries.

a . problem

b. sums

c. mysteries

3. Divya and Rani decided to draw a map.

a . goat

b. mountain

c. map

4. Elephants were visiting ______________ field.

a. paddy

b. ragi

c. sugar cane

5. Rani thought of herself as a sanitary engineer.

a. civil

b. mechanical

c. sanitary


B. Answer the following.

1. Why did Manju’s parents leave the village?

They had no water in the village. So Manju’s parents left the village to get water in the city.

2. What kind of water did Divya use to brush her teeth?

Divya used the muddy tank water to brush her teeth.

3. What did Rani want to become?

Rani wanted to become a sanitary engineer.

4. Where did the tanker man take the water from village?

The tanker man took the water from the village to the city.

5. Do you think it is okay for tanker to take water? Why?

No, it is wrong for the tanker to take water from the village. If it continues, the villagers will suffer a lot without water to drink.


C. Try your own.

D. Speak and win.

Join in any group. Support or oppose using 4 to 5 sentences to win.




Read the passage three times and colour a dustbin for each time.

I am Mani. I have to take a bus to nearby city. I crossed the road to reach the bus stand. I got the bus and sat down and took out a book to read. Before I started to read, I just looked at the people around me. The two men sitting next to me were talking loudly. Some were listening music on their phone. I was unable to focus on reading. The men were talking about cleaning the city. As they were talking, they opened a pack of biscuits to eat. After some time I dozed off. When I opened my eyes, the bus had reached the city. The two men were not there but pieces of the biscuits and wrappers were there. I cleaned the wrappers and put them in the dustbin.

1. What did Mani take out?

Mani took out a book to read.

2. What did Mani find on the seat when he woke up?

When he woke up Mani saw pieces of biscuits and wrappers on the seat.

3. If you were Mani, what would you do?

If I were Mani I would keep quiet. As soon as the men got down I would pick up the garbage left by them. I would drop it in the dustbin.




Let us learn to write a story with suspense.

Words that help you create suspense: suddenly, just then, in that moment, all of a sudden, silently, in alarm, scared, from the shadows, dark, unexpectedly etc.

Let us use these words to write a paragraph on “A day in the forest”

Suddenly in a distance, I noticed some paws on the mud. My head turned red with fear and I silently stepped back. Just then, I saw a big brown furry animal with green eyes coming out of the shadows. In that moment, I didn't know what I had to do. I screamed and ran. All of a sudden, I heard a howl behind me. I turned to see two wolves chasing me.

Now, why don’t you try to write a story with suspense?


I Can Do


A. Answer the following.

Tanker lorry/truck (தண்ணீர் லாரி) : The tanker supplies water to our street.


B. Write the animals and their young ones.

elephant – calf

tiger – cub

crane – chick


C. Match the rhyming word.

1. green       –  can

2. society    –  care

3. man         -   clean

4. welfare    -   inability


1. green - clean

2. society - inability

3. man - can

4. welfare - care


D. Recite the poem with correct intonation.


E. Choose the correct one show post perfect tense.

1. We had seen (see) the movie last week.

a) have seen

b) saw

c) had seen

2. I had met (meet) him before.

a) had met

b) meet

c) have met


F. Choose the correct one to show future perfect tense.

1. I will have finished (finish) this book.

a) had finished

b) have finished

c) will have finished

2. By this time tomorrow, we will have arrived (arrive) in Chennai.

a) will have arrived

b) have arrived

c) would have arrived


Learning Outcome

Now I can...

Note to the teacher: Ask children to colour the balloon when they achieve the learning outcome


A. I am a 5th student and I know all these.


I can identify the types of nouns:

1. Manju is a clever girl.

2. The boy liked the taste of the fruit.

3. A herd of sheep grazed the field.


I know what is a pronoun and its other forms : (he, him, his, himself)

He is Dina, I know him very well and I know his father too.

He drives himself to school daily.


I know where to use these prepositions :

(In, on, at, between, in front of and behind)

At 4 pm. on Sunday in 2019.

The ball is in front of the box.  

The ball is behind the box. 

The ball is between the box. 


I know how to join sentences using :

(And, but, or, because, so)

I have a bat and a ball.

I have a bat but not a ball.

Do you want a bat or a ball?

I will play cricket because I have a bat and a ball.

I have a bat and a ball so I will play cricket.


I can identify the adjectives:

There was a black dog. It chased a fat white cat. The cat ran into a small hole and escaped from the angry dog.


I can identify the adverbs in the following sentences:

She walked beautifully.

The boy met me yesterday.


I can use the article: (a, an, the)

I saw an elephant. The elephant had a baby.


B. I know three tenses and I can write all tenses

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