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Strings - Python

Strings - String slices - Immutability - String functions and methods - String module



v       Strings

v       String slices

v       Immutability

v       String functions and methods

v       String module



v       String is defined as sequence of characters represented in quotation marks (either single quotes ( ‘ ) or double quotes ( “ ).

v       An individual character in a string is accessed using a index.

v       The index should always be an integer (positive or negative).

v       A index starts from 0 to n-1.

v       Strings are immutable i.e. the contents of the string cannot be changed after it is created.

v       Python will get the input at run time by default as a string.

v       Python does not support character data type. A string of size 1 can be treated as characters.


1. single quotes ('           ')

2.              double quotes (" ")

3.              triple quotes(“”” “”””)


Operations on string:


1.              Indexing

2.              Slicing

3.              Concatenation

4.              Repetitions

5.              Member ship


String slices:

v                 A part of a string is called string slices.

v                 The process of extracting a sub string from a string is called slicing.



v                 Python strings are “immutable” as they cannot be changed after they are created.

v                 Therefore [ ] operator cannot be used on the left side of an assignment.


string built in functions and methods:

A method is a function that “belongs to” an object.


Syntax to access the method


a=”happy birthday”

here, a is the string name.

String modules:

v       A module is a file containing Python definitions, functions, statements.

v       Standard library of Python is extended as modules.

v       To use these modules in a program, programmer needs to import the module.

v       Once we import a module, we can reference or use to any of its functions or variables in our code.

v       There is large number of standard modules also available in python.

v       Standard modules can be imported the same way as we import our user-defined modules.



import module_name



import string





y birthday"))










Happy Birthday





Escape sequences in string


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