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Chapter: 9th English : UNIT 4 : Prose : Seventeen Oranges - by Bill Naughton


Now, read this hilarious anecdote from the life of a journalist and enjoy.


Now, read this hilarious anecdote from the life of a journalist and enjoy.

In 1977, Mr. Nicholas Scotti, a journalist from San Francisco, flew from America to Italy to visit his cousins.The plane stopped for an hour in JFK Airport in New York. Mr. Scotti thought he was at Rome Airport and got off the plane. Of course his cousins were not there to meet him.

Mr. Scotti spent two days in New york believing he was in Rome. In their letters his cousins always talked about the traffic problems and the famous building in Rome. Mr. Scotti decided to find their home without their help.On his journey round the city, Mr. Scotti asked a policeman to tell him the way to the bus station, Mr. Scotti asked him in Italian. Luckily, the policeman was an Italian from Naples, Italy and could reply in the same language.

On the next day, after 12 hours of travelling round by buses, Mr. Scotti was surprised that the policemen and drivers speak in English. A policeman tried to tell him that he was in New york, but Mr Scotti didn’t believe it and even got angry.


J. Complete the following table with information from the anecdote about Mr. Scotti’s short trip.


Name : Nicholas Scotti

Occupation : Journalist

Reason for his trip : To visit some cousins

Means of transport : Aeroplane, Bus

Destination : Rome (Italy)


K. Circle(Color) the best option.


1. In New York Mr Scotti left the plane because he thought he

(a) had to change the plane.

(b) was in Rome.

(c) had to phone his cousins.

(d) had to look at the airport.


2. He decided to find his cousins’ home without their help. He asked the policeman for information in Italian because he

(a) thought he was in Italy.

(b) knew the policeman.

(c) didn’t speak any other language.

(d) liked the language.


3. On the next day, Mr Scotti was __________ at how the local people responded to his queries.

(a) surprised

(b) unhappy

(c) glad

(d) upset


4. Circle three words that best describe Mr. Scotti

clever / unlucky / stupid / successful / miserable / happy


L. Have you experienced any unexpected turn of events in your life? What happened? How did you feel about it at that moment? How do you feel about it now? Write an article for your school magazine describing your experience in about 150 words.

The memorable day in my life was the day of our trip to Ooty in my VIII standard. The trip was enjoyable. I and my friends enjoyed a lot. We hired a vehicle to stay in my uncle's house. We entered a guest house at 8'0' clock in the morning. The weather was chill. The botanical garden and the rose garden were so amazing. It was a nice experience to see all the flowers together. The trip was wonderful, informative and educative. It was really one of the most memorable one in my life.

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