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Now read the following article on the emerging career options in the modern era and answer the questions that follow.


Non-verbal Representations

Presenting information using tables, graphs and charts is a common practice in scientific and technical writing. This is because through graphs and charts, scientific data can be presented in a clear and precise manner. Bar charts, graphs, tree diagrams, organizational charts, flow charts and pie charts are the frequently used pictorial or non-verbal representations. The table is the simplest and the most common direct graphic form used for presenting information.

Look at the following non-verbal representation. Based on your understanding and  inference, write a paragraph on career trends in the next decade.

Career Trends in the Next Decade

The diagram shows the ten fastest-growing occupations. It indicates that wind and solar energy technicians will have wider scope in job market in the next decade. This shows non-renewable energy sources are running out whereas renewable energy sources are to be tapped to mete out the needs of the growing population. Personal care and Home health Aides are followed by Physician Assistant and Nurse in demand. Statisticians and Mathematicians are more in demand than Media persons and Journalists. Application Software Developers have prospective job opportunities as most of the countries are treading forward to digitalization.

Job opportunities are open to Bicycle repairers and Mechanics in developing and under developed countries. Since digital learning is accessible to students of developed countries, schools and colleges may reduce and so there may not be much demand for teaching faculty. Sports persons are negligible and so Sportsmen and Coaches have limited scope. According to the given diagram, Chefs and food analysts have the least scope for job in the next decade.


Now read the following article on the emerging career options in the modern era and answer the questions that follow.

The students at the sigher secondary level in schools start thinking of suitable courses to take up at the university level based on their aptitude, ability and interests. While considering the higher education options, they should also plan the career path they wish to take. In today’s complex job scenario, there is a mismatch between demand and supply on one hand we have qualified professionals desperately trying to find a job, while on the other hand, there are many professions that need suitable talented employees. But such skilled employees are unavailable. Therefore, the need of the hour is that students have an understanding of the emerging career options.

Schools should take the initiative to organise career guidance and counselling sessions for students. However, students need to remember that to build a strong career, they must understand the prospective field and their primary interest. It is also important for students to focus on overall personality development and hone their communication skills as these are important for the success of their career. Students are also advised that in order to build a solid career foundation, they need to qualify suitably by pursuing a degree course in the chosen area of interest and also consider post graduate education. Diploma/Short–term courses may help one find a job in the short run but may not promise career progression. Rapid advancement in science and technology and globalisation has widened the scope of career options in the twenty–first century. Let us consider some popular careers.

Fashion Designing

The current cosmopolitan and fashion–conscious wave that has taken over our country has opened up a huge arena for careers in fashion. These careers encompass designing clothes, costumes, jewellery, footwear, wardrobe, costumes, accessories and the like.

Culinary Arts

With food and cookery shows being a major trend across the world, culinary arts, a sub-domain of the hospitality sector, has now become the most sought after career.

Paramedical sciences

In recent times, there has been a great demand in the health care industry. Paramedical professionals who support medical practitioners in areas such as optometry, pathology, nursing, physiotherapy, and dentistry are much sought after.

Media, Journalism and Advertising

In this information era, print and entertainment media have become a force to reckon with. This arena has become a huge career playground because youngsters are attracted to it as the exposure and reach is greater through such mass media. We notice that radio and TV channels, internet companies and advertising agencies are increasingly recruiting qualified professionals.

Hotel Management

The hotel industry is the fastest growing industry in India. The number of international travellers (both for business and leisure) is increasing. The hospitality and service industry offers career options such as house keeping, front-desk executives, tourism management, etc.

Sports Management

With multinational companies supporting sports, careers in sports offer enormous scope. One need not be a player or an athlete to shine in a sports career because the field of sports offers various career options such as technical trainers, commentators, sports journalists, dieticians, referees, etc. Conducting sports events successfully, organizing the event laudably, preparing the ground for the event are all part of sports management.

a. When do students start thinking about their career path?

Students begin to think about their eareer (profession) for future when they are at the Higher Secondary level.

b. How can students build a strong career?

In order to build a strong career, students must understand the opportunities in various fields and also their own ability and interest.

c. What are the integral aspects of a successful career?

Personality development and communication skills are the integral aspects of a successful career.

d. What is meant by ‘culinary art’?

“Culinary art” means “the art of cooking”.

e. Why is media a popular career option?

Media are a popular career option because youngesters are attracted to it, for its great exposure and reach.

f. Name some paramedical courses mentioned in the passage.

Optometry, pathology, nursing, physiotherapy and dentistry are the paramedical courses mentioned in the passage.

g. Why is the hotel industry seen as the fastest growing in India?

Hundreds and thousands of foreigners visit India for pleasure and also for business. Therefore the hotel industry is growing fast.

h. Does one have to be a player to opt for a career in the field of sports? Answer giving reasons.

One need not be a player in order to select a sports career because there are other options like technical trainers, commentators, referees and sports journalists.

i. Pick one word from the passage which is the opposite of ‘modern’.

One word opposite of “modem”.? No word.

j. Which word in the passage means ‘composed of people from many parts of the country’?

“International travellers” means people from many parts of the world.

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